16 November 2011

Old friends

"I've missed you", I said settling onto the floor to sit with my head resting on his leg.

"I love you too". He put a hand on my head and for a moment I was entirely content. Then I remembered.

You are my ex.

Suddenly, the room was full of my exboyfriends and there was no exit. We were in a liquor store buying Halloween candy and it was everything I could do to keep from attacking one of them. He was a terrible person. I hope I never see him again. I was stressed out, angry, tired and wanted nothing more than for boyfriend to show up and make them all leave.

Gods I miss some of those boys, not as romantic endeavors... but as friends. Relationships can really screw things up.

I am tired of waking up by myself because boyfriend has to leave for work so early. I miss him and we're living in the same house.

14 November 2011


I was helping my friend's parents run a massage/resort/spa. Everything was going great until zombies (isn't that how it always goes?) began to attack. They were seemingly everywhere, and nobody knew what to do. I had made it to the roof and was trying to figure out what to do when I saw a kracken coming from the seaside. I remember thinking "gods I hope that can't catch the zombie virus". It could. I was trying to run through hallways but huge zombie tentacles kept me from actually getting where I wanted to go.

My dream shifted to some bizarre store selling clothes and badass clocks, but I think I was still in the resort/spa place. I'm not sure.

Up until the end it was a pretty rockin' syfy movie though.

11 November 2011

Mishmash and then Moving

All I really remember was sitting in a summer camp cabin talking about how I was going to be moving to Phoenix in a couple of weeks. It didn't really seem like a big deal to me, but it was all any of us (and I can't even remember who all was in the cabin) were talking about.

I have a lot of summer camp dreams. I just realized this. Bizarre.

10 November 2011

Been a while

Though I'm sure the 7 of you can forgive me. Trying to get my life in order tends to throw extras out the window.

Anyway. I've been having dreams about moving to other countries. Every night. Always a different place or reason to leave. A lot of the dreams are terrifying because I'm leaving the country to run away from someone trying to hurt me. Some of them are pleasant because I move and when I get to my final destination, I find out that my whole family has been living there all along and they'd just been waiting for me to get there.

I think I might need to think about moving... but I'm beyond happy where I am. My location is perfect and this part of town is absolutely fabulous.

Moving or not, I will try to keep you kids entertained more frequently now that I am settling back into my life. <3

08 July 2011

Platform rooms without walls.

If you were to take an Escher drawing of a house and give it to an architect/interior design team with a boner for modern minimalism, you have the setting for my dream last night. I went to a commune where a lot of my friends lived and spent a grand deal of time trying to get to people's bedrooms only to find (usually) that I'd gone up the wrong flight of stairs, or that my shit depth perception was playing tricks on me.

It wasn't a particularly frustrating dream. There was an actual plot, but the part that I remember was the giant house/building that everyone (including myself at the end) lived in. Fancy.

05 July 2011

Weird Night

Weird creepy night. I kept having dreams of people standing in our bedroom. Or me trying desperately to get downstairs to tell Boyfriend that something was wrong... but I couldn't speak, or (in another) I couldn't see.

He was feeling it too, apparently. At one point he yelled "What the hell", which woke me up and when I rolled over he was staring at me, wide-eyed and clearly frightened. I asked him what was wrong and reached out to touch his shoulder and he literally jumped out of bed and dashed behind the foot-board ducking. He kept nervously glancing at me, and where both of our night stands sit on either side of the bed. I tried to talk him down. "Its me, its okay. There's nothing here". He looked at me for a moment and the scared went off his face so I asked, "you coming back to bed?" When we had finally curled up together again I asked him what was bothering him and he said "I don't know. I thought someone had touched me". Which is weird, uncomfortable, and hopefully didn't happen. Ha. Bizarre

29 June 2011

Boo Standard Work Week

Not only because I don't have one yet, but because Boyfriend does.

And last night's dreams were a swirl of fleshy naughty deliciousness. And he won't be back until 5.30.

28 June 2011

And then I returned.

I hate to have been away for so long. I think I'm just now getting accustomed to the "I'm not in college anymore" shock. Postings will resume as soon as my dreams stop being lame.

Last night I had a dream that I had a bunch of my coworkers from my job in Austin over to my new house in Houston but all of a sudden I was extremely ill. I decided to lay down in the bedroom for a little bit but everyone left. I was running an extreme fever (probably in part because we had no AC last night in the house) and nobody believed me that I was ill. Annoying.

23 May 2011

Vampire Smugglers

I was a vampire and I was trying to sneak my human friend somewhere or other. When passing through groups of humans, he would pretend that we were lovers. Act sweet, hold my hand, the like... while I was slightly repulsed, I knew it was for the best. When we passed through a place I knew to be full of vampires, we acted as though he was my pet, my slave. I snapped at him and gave him commands like you would give a dog. Heel. I felt bad treating him so poorly, but we desperately needed him to make it... to wherever. That I can't remember at all. Hah.

19 May 2011

Jumpy dreams

There was some sort of dream about going to a summer-campish thing, like I used to when I was younger. My friends were all there with me, and for some reason the cabins were mixed-gender, and you only had to stay with your friends. Ours ended up being the size of a large apartment, after we found a secret door. I still wanted to stay in the main cabin room, because I felt that was a more authentic summer camp experience than having my own room/bathroom.

Then all of a sudden, I'm in a bank with some friends of mine and we're all watching out the doors at some sort of fire that is going on. It was my friend Tabi's birthday (along with the Garland twins) and we were trying to make plans for getting wine-drunk after her kids went to sleep. I can't remember why this was such a difficult thing except that I also had to go to work in the new restaurant that had just opened up. It was comic-book themed, and in the middle of West Campus. I was owning the faces off the other servers, but I didn't feel like waiting tables. I was going to get drink refills for a table that wasn't mine when I woke up.

16 May 2011

Fancy-pants coffee

It was my first day working at a Starbucks. My good friend Tabi was my boss. She was swamped with work (though the store wasn't busy, so I have no idea what that was about). A customer asked me for a Cheante coffee (a very fancy sort of brewed coffee, in the dream) and when I went to go pour it for her, I realized we were out of all brewed coffee except espresso. And Tabi hadn't taught me how to make espresso yet. People were freaking out that I was a terrible barista but Tabi didn't have time to teach me how to get any better at it. Extremely frustrating.

I'm pretty sure this went into some sort of escape-from-warehouse dream that can only be caused by playing too much Portal 2 and watching too much Syfy channel. Oops.

10 May 2011

It comes home with me

My professor Rusty was angry with the class that we hadn't checked in on him after he'd been out for a few days. For some reason we all lived in the same house, and he was giving his angry speech in the kitchen.

I am so ready to be done with school. Gods.

29 April 2011


My friend Sean was outside the classroom in which I was at a meeting. I don't think he even knew he was in my school; he was working on a scene (he is an actor/I am in theatre) with one of the actors from my department. I opened the door and waited for him to realize it was me: it was sort of brilliant watching his face through that process, first confused at why I'd barged in on their scene, then trying to figure out if it was actually me, then a huge smile. We shared an amazing hug and made plans to meet up at the local Starbucks later.

I got there before him, and my friends Sarah and Mel were there, so I joined them. After chatting a little, I got up to get my coffee and saw what I thought to be Sean but turned out to be Ex-Boyfriend. For the record, he was terrible to me; I stayed with him much longer than I should have. I loved him when there was nothing to love. At any rate, I saw him and I wasn't sure if he'd seen me. I literally hit the ground hoping that the half wall between us would block him from seeing me. Sarah saw me from across the room and shot me a puzzling look and I sat up a little bit, against the wall and pointed up and behind me. I saw her eyes travel up and realize what was going on. She started walking towards me, but making really clear eyecontact with Ex. As she passed the wall, she dropped her car keys to me while picking up a newspaper of some sort to hide the action. She started up a conversation with Ex and led him to a table in the back, I saw my window and quickly headed for the door. I jumped in her car and waited. I didn't have anywhere to go really: I was supposed to be meeting Sean here in just a few minutes, but I absolutely wasn't comfortable enough being there if Ex was. (I have a growing, sort of primal fear of him and while I haven't seen him in years, and only once since we broke up, I'm not sure if I will go into fight or flight mode when I actually do see him)

While I was sitting in the car, pondering what to do, my friend Tabi walked up and knocked on the window. I opened the door to talk to her and after I'd explained the situation to her, she told me she was meeting her new husband inside (she is married now, but in the dream she'd gotten a divorce, I assume). I saw Sean walking towards the starbucks and figured I might as well deal with Ex with a bunch of people that I know and trust around me instead of at another time by myself or under worse conditions. When I re-entered the shop, Tabi was talking with Sarah and Ex... and holding his hand. I stood absolutely perplexed at the door, staring like an idiot. While I was frozen in terror, they were laughing, and shared a kiss. WTF. It took everything I had to walk over to them. He saw me, we made eye contact. He looked angry and it made me nervous.

Everything was alright at the Starbucks, but Tabi invited me over to dinner with them later in the evening. I asked if Boyfriend could come, as he might make me feel safe enough to be around Ex again. Tabi started to say yes but Ex jumped in and said No. I don't know why I didn't just say I couldn't go. I was in a terrible habit of putting myself in situations I didn't want to be in with him. I suppose it just carried over.

There was something about the trip there that was interesting, but it is completely lost to me now. I want to say it had to do with space flight, ha, but there is no telling.

It was later in the evening and I was walking up to their house. Nobody answered the door so with the resolve that only those in dreams have, I went in unescorted. He was sitting at the kitchen table, which had a clear view of the front door. "You always were such an assuming bitch". I turned to leave but he said, "Stop. Close the door" with such force that I did what he asked. I stood in the foyer facing the front door terrified, and hoping that Tabi would come to my rescue. I heard his chair move but I didn't have the balls to turn and see what he was doing.

"Turn around and stop acting so pathetic". I turned and all of a sudden my cheek was on fire and I was on the ground. He'd hit me and it had happened so quickly that I didn't see it coming. Or maybe it had just been so long that my reflexes were rusty. I sat on the ground knowing that it was terrible for me to think, angry with myself, that a few years ago I would have been able to avoid it. and this. was. my fault. Tears came as Tabi came down the stairs. He helped me up as asked if I was okay, playing the She-Fell card, and being a perfect gentleman. He got me a cool cloth for my face, where it had "hit the wall", while Tabi started dinner.

There is a jump in my memory, and all of a sudden I am naked. I am running through the house looking for something to cover up with and some way to get away from him. He has hurt me and I want nothing more than for Tabitha to understand that I have to leave. I found a blanket (the blanket that, in real life belongs to Boyfriend, is referred to as the "hobo-blanket" because of how long it has been loved, and is the safest/most comfortable blanket in the world) and ran out into the driveway. She was there. I yelled at her that this was what happens with him, and she turned to me and I saw that she had a black eye. She said something about telling him I had left.

Boyfriend drove up. I got in his car and crying, almost immediately fell asleep.

I woke up, crying to my realtor calling asking if she could show the place.

That was awful.

27 April 2011

The pope does my laundry.

I had a hell of a lot of dreams last night and they all slipped through my fingers for the various terrible ways I was woken throughout the night/morning (screaming from the street, my fire alarm running out of batteries, my bathroom's fire alarm running out of batteries an hour later, pigeons getting it on on my balcony, roommate dropping pretty much every single thing we have in the kitchen, etc.)

At any rate, I only remember dreaming about doing laundry, except the washer was above a drop ceiling, and the dryer was across the room on the floor. And the pope returned our pot-holder mitt thing because he'd washed it for us. Exciting.

25 April 2011

Mismatched Safe Places

We were having a smoke/coffee break and Boyfriend was telling me how hard it is to find the right engagement ring. I was freaking out mentally, but trying really hard to keep the conversation as light as he was.

The dream jumped.

I was staying in the house. The house that I've always dreamed about, that often defys physics and sometimes has different floor plans, but I know it has always been the house. I'd had a baby a few hours before (a home birth, apparently) but hadn't yet finished with that whole process of getting better. Though i was walking around, I wasn't yet allowed to handle baby (because I was still so messed up on pain/relaxation drugs). I was worried that I wouldn't know how to breast feed baby, but as soon as we relaxed into a chair together everything worked out just fine.

The dream jumped again. I was fighting inside a giant theatre. Only it was an us vs them sort of thing. I don't remember who they were, but it had something to do with Halo (which I have never played with any seriousness). I walked out on the balcony level of the theatre seating and shot the HUGE gun that I'd been carrying around. That was it, the last shot, the one that killed all my enemies and won the battle for us. We were all sitting on the balcony level talking about the battle and Mason decided that it hadn't been my shot that had finished off the battle. For some reason, this pissed me off. A lot.

I left the theatre for the hotel where we were all staying. A girl that is in my Art History class (whose name I believe is Ana, though I'm not sure) was in our room (the girls room) putting together collages and sketching out pictures of the battles. She asked me where I felt safe outside of home/apartment. While I was pondering the question, she used the term "Mismatched safe" explaining that it meant the places where you feel safe but don't have any real reason to feel safer there than in other places. For her: the Fine Arts Library, her cousin's porch but not the house, in her car on long drives, etc. The only thing I could think of was Boyfriend. I missed him and was tired of being on the road fighting this stupid war. I realized that he is my mismatched safe, because regardless of where we are together, I feel safe, happy.

I am so ready to be moving back home, to be done with school. It has infiltrated my dreams.

24 April 2011

Blog dreams

I just woke from a nap in which I had a dream that Boyfriend was being called Soldier because of my blog. I have never referred to him as that, and don't plan on it ever happening, although there's no telling now that I've posted this. Also. My good friend Mel's sister was pregnant and she was a blogger (she is neither as far as I know). Short nap, short dreams.

19 April 2011

Silly arguments revisited

I was fighting with my sister, a habit long-past now that we've both moved off to college. She had taken near half of my wardrobe and put it in her closet/dresser. I was furious with her for being so cocky. I knew that she was in the habit of borrowing my clothes, but like one shirt at a time... not all at once. My mother came in to break up the fight because we'd gotten pretty loud yelling at one another, except she didn't know if the clothes actually belonged to me or not, so she couldn't solve the issue without someone being upset or angry.

I miss my family, greatly. I should give them a call. Sister and I are way past this sort of arguing, but it was pretty common-place when we were both in high school/living at home.

18 April 2011

Moving Nerves

Somehow I'd fit all my belongings into my car (1988 BMW 325is-it would be totally impossible) and I was on my way to Houston. I was finally moving out of my Austin apartment and into the house with him, for good. For real. I was nervousexcited and couldn't decide what to listen to. I was worried that if I couldn't choose my music, I wouldn't be able to find a job. I was all nerves, and couldn't make sense of anything except that I was pretty sure everything was going to be okay.

I'm pretty sure everything is going to be okay. I'm moving in just a few short weeks, and although I've lived with him for summers/weekends for the past few years, I'm fairly nervous.

14 April 2011

Money Orbs

My roommate and I were working together to steal millions of dollars from casinos. The money came in these tiny glowing orbs (about the size of a golf ball) and each had between 2 and 65 million dollars in it. There was no way to tell which ones had more money than the others. They were untraceable and the money couldn't be tracked (what casino wants its money to be tracked anyway?) and we were literally in the habit of filching them off of counters and out of people's bags. Sort of neat. Except at one point he was upset with me (it hadn't been enough money, or I wouldn't give him all of it or something). He was chasing me through the casino complex. I thought to lose him by sending an elevator up and taking the stairs down, and other such movie-esque tricks but he always knew where I was going. He ended up finding me, but for some reason I had the upper hand. I gave him some money, not anywhere near all of it though, and that seemed to end it. At the very end of the dream, we were looking up $2.8m houses that were in other parts of the world because neither of us wanted to live in America anymore.

13 April 2011

Underground Theatre

I had a series of dreams while fevered and napping today that were really bizarre. I was running around a huge warehouse complex working on a show that had something to do with cars and other automotive technology. There was something secretive about it, like it may have been an illegal show or something. At one point everyone was naked as a distraction to the police. Nobody was bothered about being naked, it was just some sort of group thing. Clothed again, I was running through these dark,dank underground hallways trying to find someone that I knew would make the show work out.

Bizarre. There were others, though I slept and woke so many times that all but the last one have fled my memory.

12 April 2011


There was something terrible in my dreams last night. I woke up panicked and sort of sad. I have no idea what it was though. No bueno.

09 April 2011

Dragon eggs

Boyfriend and Mason, a friend in Austin, had separately found dragon eggs and were figuring out how to hatch them. The government was absolutely opposed, although figured they could employ whichever was hatching good dragons, rather than evil. Seems like a pretty sweet pet, for a country, I remember thinking.

I wanted to see them, and I knew that neither Boyfriend nor Mason would let me past all their security, not when they were this close to hatching. I decided to break into Mason's and steal the eggs, though I'm not sure why.

While I was trying to get past the intense security to Mason's dragons, my dream switched to something about the scene shop and a party that was coming up. Weak.

04 April 2011

The New Works Festival is no longer now.

Just finished working (as the assistant technical director) on a New Works (theatre) festival yesterday. During the few weeks before and the week of, I was averaging 4-5 hours of sleep. And then when I woke up, the last thing on my mind was spending time on the computer. So. In the past few weeks, I have been having snippets of dreams (mostly spiders and stressful things like the building catching on fire/flooding/etc) but haven't felt the need to post AT ALL.

Normal dreaming schedule will resume as soon as body feels rested enough to produce dreams again. Loves.

23 March 2011

Road Trip

My coworkers and I were all heading on a roadtrip somewhere. We were laughing, and making fun of each other (as is pretty par for work). We passed a Sonic, and then a place that was a blatant rip-off of Sonic except it sold alcohol. My boss(ish), Scott, offered to take the next shift driving so we pulled into the next gas station for a stretch, a bathroom break, and a driver switch. Once all back in the car, almost everyone passed out. Scott pulled into some fast food restaurant only a few minutes after we'd been stopped at the gas station. My coworker Dorian and I were shocked to find out that Scott was bad at road trips.

There was more, but a lot of it was in French and I don't much feel like sorting that business out this morning.

21 March 2011

Internal Battles

There was some sort of evil force that had caused my parents to go completely berserk. I knew that I needed to kill them. I took the shots. Where ever the bullets had lodged, they were unconscious but not dead, thankfully. I was standing in front of my house (that overlooked a parking lot with various fast food restaurants around the outside) with a little girl, Peeta (who was exactly like Rue in the Hunger Games Series). She began speaking though it was obvious the words were not hers. She said that Peeta would be killed before sunrise if I didn't offer myself up to be killed. I knew that I needed to save her, but I had no idea how I would.

She led me to a canyon, and stood barefoot with her toes hanging over the edge. She sang a song that was simple, sad and hopeful and I was heartbroken that I couldn't find a way to save her. She collapsed on the ground, as the sun was coming up, landing with one arm hanging into the canyon. I stood there for countless minutes with silent tears streaming down my face. She stood up and said something goofy like "that was uncomfortable". She touched my forehead and i knew that she'd been locked in some sort of internal combat for what had seemed like years to her, but she'd beaten the evil force. We were walking back to my house as the sun started to peek over buildings.

20 March 2011


Cirque du soleil was putting on a show in our theatre and they needed overhire labor. There was some sort of odd audition process that pretty much everyone I know was attending. It seemed odd that so many non-theatre people were trying to get this temporary job. The person that was leading this audition/interview process was giving some shitty speech about how excellent it is to work for cirque, how you have to give 110%, how not many of us would make it to the next round, etc when she flipped a switch by leaning against the wall. It turned on a blacklight, revealing all the highlighter coloring we'd been doing at a party the night before on each other's arms and faces. At first she was shocked that we'd partied the night before, then she couldn't stop laughing and told anyone that wasn't in our group that they could just leave.

The next part of it all involved a long distance run with interviews along the way, to see if you could stay focused on your task at hand (running) while being bothered/distracted. My longtime friend Heather was set to interview me and so we ended up just running together, and catching up. She told me I was going to get the job as a permanent thing, she'd seen their notes from the first round. For some reason, this did not excite me. I didn't want to have to stay in Austin forever, or travel with Cirque. I just wanted to get home, and no matter how fast or how long I ran, I couldn't get out of the city.

19 March 2011

Simple and pleasant

I had really pleasant dreams about painting in the loft studio that I will have someday. I don't remember details (about either the paintings or the studio itself), just a feeling of being extremely content. I knew that Boyfriend was coming to see my work later in the day and I wasn't even particularly nervous about what he'd think.

Good dreams.

18 March 2011


There was something very earthy and mystical within my family. It had always been there; our people were from another stock. We lived away from the rest of the world but by no means were disconnected from it. We predicted things, protected things, understood and gave meaning to. People with money would come to us and ask with fear and desperation for our help. We would always help them, even if the money wasn't good. We were good people, natural people.

I was young. Ten or so and playing on the docks the last few generations made in the giant lake (or was it the ocean?) on the outskirts of society. I knew them like the back of my hand, and flew across them knowing just where to step and where to dive into the water and swim because my stride was not yet long enough. I was more free than other children of my age because of the nature of my family, and the intensity of my understanding of my family's gift. Even if they'd wanted, they would have no real power to restrain me. Nature lived inside me, and controlled my actions personally.

One day, we all felt a calling to head to the airport, though it isn't what you'd think of. It was another set of wooden docks, with ropes lashing the sticks and metal plates together. I needed to tell a Justin something. I didn't know who he was, and my parents thought I was making it up to stay in the presence of the planes longer, to marvel at their technology. They didn't understand the feeling of urgency that one touched by nature may feel. I had to find him. There was something I absolutely needed him to know. For his safety or my own, I'm not sure.

It was urgent and they didn't trust a child. I snuck away to find him and got lost, thinking to trust my instinct to bring myself back. I saved a girl a little younger than me from being hit by a plane, and knew that in my act had doomed Justin. It was all very complex. I wanted nothing more than the wind and jungle-gym climbing on my home. I wanted nothing more than normalcy, rules, order, an actual house...

I acted as any child different from those around them would.

16 March 2011


Boyfriend and I were cuddled up on our perfect couch: him sitting as one would in a chair, with me laying across his lap resting my head on his shoulder. We were watching some terrible DIY network show (as I am akin to making him do with me) and he tapped me on the should twice (our less obnoxious way of saying "hey I need to get up and you are in the way"). I looked up at him and he said he was going to go have a cigarette (we are both in the middle of quit-fest). "Why?" was the only response I could muster, not only was I trying to be helpful in the quitting process... I was really comfortable and if he got up we might never find this perfect body placement again. He thought about it for a moment then relaxed back into the couch. Brilliant. Quit-fest, cuddle-party wynn.

Sort of a low-key dream. It made me happy though.

15 March 2011

Lots and lots of not much at all

Dreams from last night are some sort of medley of Disney characters and Renaissance Festival folk running around in the snow. Combine that with my reaction (in reality) to my dreams of the cold (covering up) and you have one sleepless sweaty me. Boo.

14 March 2011

penelope cruz: yes please.

Sorry I haven't been around this past week- I was in Charlotte, NC trying to get a job with Cirque du Soleil (and other companies, but when you're in theatre... who cares about them if Cirque is around?). Things seemed to have went well. Though I won't be actually applying to their internship program (who the heck can fund themselves living in Las Vegas for 12 weeks?), I made some badass friends and hopefully they will remember me when I apply to be the owner of their company. Yes, their owner. Aim for the top, people.

At any rate, I had a crazy dream last night that boyfriend and I were interviewing candidates for a threesome. He was conducting actual sit down interviews: finding out if people had diseases, making sure they weren't totally creepy/going to kill us, watching for someone mildly attractive/interesting, etc. After people made the cut with boyfriend, I took them back into our room to show them our crazy toys (most of which we don't actually have, hah) and see if they're still interested at all.

On one of the rounds, Penelope Cruz had made the cut (boyfriend probably didn't ask her a single question... and I don't blame him) and seemed really interested in the whole business. She waited until the other people had left the room then tied me to a wall (that was chainlink...and in my room... uh.) and whipped me with two whips at the same time. Boyfriend heard me yelling something (probably DON'T STOP PENELOPE CRUZ I LOVE YOU) and ran into the room. Which scared her off. She ran out of the building and into the New York streets below (I live in Texas). He checked to make sure I was okay and only remember saying something like "If she had figured out how to use three whips at once, you might have had to worry about me leaving you". We laughed and decided to go for a walk so that we might hopefully find Penelope and bring her back home. We didn't, but we had a really pleasant time just walking through the busy, dirty streets holding hands and talking about absolutely nothing. Adorable.

07 March 2011

I had a weekend full of terrible dreams that I'd rather not broadcast to the interwebs.

03 March 2011

No bueno

I've been waking up with terrible headaches. Which keep me from committing anything I may have dreamed to memory. Sad. The really lame part is that I can ALMOST remember what I'd been dreaming about. almost. like when a word you want to use is on the tip of your tongue. except the word is a dream, and the tongue is my brain.

28 February 2011

My apartment has temporal issues.

I fell asleep reading the second book of The Hunger Games Series and I'm not entirely sure where the book left off and my dream began (and I suppose I won't be sure until I pick up the book later today to read).

I also had some sort of dream that involved some temporal issues and a peppermint bark (delicious delicious chocolate goodnesss) store. I was there with a friend that was younger than me. She was telling the shop owner about how she was a surgeon, despite her age. The shop owner looked to me for confirmation and I said something like "oh yes. I've assisted her on many surgeries, though she's been a surgeon much longer than I've been her assistant". I don't know why. The shop keeper bought it and we both left the mall (that this peppermint bark store was in) to head home.

I was walking up the three flights of stairs to my apartment, trying not to knock over the bikes that people had decided to lock up perpendicular to the line of travel up the stairs when I noticed a really strong weed smell (while this is Austin, it is uncommon that people smoke outdoors where other people might see/smell them) and knew that my roommates were smoking despite my almost constant arguments with them about it. I got inside and the temporal issues that were happening in the store were also happening in my apartment. Walls were shifting, and sometimes conversations would go in reverse, only to continue again exactly as they were before, forwards. At one point, we were all arguing and fell into the sea, where there was only a rocky outcropping for us to hold onto while we waited to be back in the apartment. For some reason, this was not in any way shocking and when we got back to the apartment, I stormed out and slammed the door behind me.

I went out to the communal porch area and asked one of the guys smoking weed if I could have a hit. He told me that I could have as much as I wanted and handed me a huge joint... like fascist dictator cigar sized joint and told me to leave whatever I didn't finish in the ash tray as he'd come out later to get it. I started to take one hit and my alarms started going off.

25 February 2011


The phenomenal Geek Princess (http://geekprincessblog.blogspot.com/) has graced me with an award! She is serious win and you should read her blog!

There are rules and things, apparently... so here goes!

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1. I am obsessively fascinated with dreams.
2. However, I am not particularly interested in what they mean, or how they relate to the stars or anything of that nature (though I will admit to the brain creating symbolism?)
3. I regularly wake up and freak out about where I am, because my dreams are so vivid.
4. I am currently studying technical theatre at the University of Texas
5. I like to create. I often find myself building/painting/arranging things simply for aesthetic value.
6. I am a fairly talented welder.
7. I eat Ramen noodles even when my bank account actually has money in it, though I don't particularly enjoy them.

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Go and love them, for real.

24 February 2011

Don't read too much before bed...

If you haven't read The Hunger Games Series, I definitely recommend them.

I dreamed I was in a tournament just like in the first book of the series. It was kill or be killed and the government was watching. Actually, the entire world was watching it as a television series, though unlike in the books, the people watching didn't know it was real... they just thought it was another show. I never ran into the other contestants, thankfully, because I was terrified. I had my ipad and was trying desperately to get into contact with Boyfriend and parents... anyone really. I didn't know where I was, but I couldn't help but think I was in Nebraska.

I thought, "I'm going to die here" and woke up. While snoozing I kept having snippets of dreams that were press releases, I think, about my disappearance, and the actions of the other contestants. My theatrical rigging professor, Rusty, was one of the reporters and I was pretty sure that he was on my side (and perhaps because he knew me, he realized it wasn't just a television show?)

Either way, weird one.

23 February 2011

That hammer is terrifying

I had made it through the first few rounds of a cooking/serving competition. I was feeling great about my chances for winning when the next round of patrons was announced. I would be serving Thor and his hundreds of workers/family members. I spent all the time between finding out I would be cooking for/waiting on Thor and arriving at the competition that night trying to convince myself that it was okay, "he is only a god", and other such nonsense. I was meeting Thor. Not only that, but I had to impress him to win this competition that I'd been working so very hard to win.

When the time came for the competition, he and his servants were all busy working on whatever it is the people the work for Thor do (some seemed to be designing cars, others hunting with him, and still others were just mining/landscaping). There were hundreds of them. I decided to begin with Thor and his hunting buddies and with my back to the forest that they were all staring into, I introduced myself and tried to get a feel for what he might enjoy.

After talking for a few minutes, I relaxed: Thor was a pretty cool guy and I was fairly certain I could make it out of this alive (and possibly even win!). I turned and glanced at the forest while I was heading back to the kitchen; they were hunting Impundulu, lightning birds in the South African mythos that are man sized and can summon lightning/thunder. I was overtaken with how powerful these people were and how easily they could kill me.... how little I mean to these people.

The first few courses went fine, and I slowly got used to being in charge of hoards of people in a kitchen while cooking for a god. It came time for coffee and Thor recommended I serve the people in the mines first, as they were working extremely hard. When I went to serve them (in their super fancy glasses of obsidian, sitting on obsidian plates) I realized the plates would make the coffee glasses much more likely to tip over into the void and began trying to decide if I should just skip the plates for everyone, or just for the miners. I didn't want points taken off because I was being cautious and my serving wasn't uniform. I didn't want to skip the plates for everyone because they really tied everything together.

I approached Thor at his desk and began babbling my problem towards him, while trying to sound like a reasonable person that didn't need to be destroyed with lightning. He laughed at my predicament, a laughter that shook everything around and made me worry for the people down in the mines. It wasn't a demeaning laugh or anything like that though, and I knew that everything was going to be okay. I was going to skip the plates for the miners (for the safety of the food) and serve everyone else with the plates.

Turns out, Thor loved the coffee so much that I won the competition.
My prize? A trip to the Yggdrasil. Victory.

22 February 2011

Coding Competition and Medieval Five Guys

I was working on some sort of project with my friends, though I wasn't on the team, I was just helping them out. They needed a way to get code (as in computer programming) to them without having technology too close because of the rules of the competition or whatever was going on. I helped them create a series of mirrors that allowed for them to see the code that I could input from farther away and they'd be able to communicate via walkie-talkie if I made some sort of mistake.

We were feeling mighty victorious and decided to go to Five Guys to get dinner. It was a medieval-themed Five Guys, which didn't seem weird to me at all in the dream. Dorian, Anne, and I were standing in line talking about the mirror system and how I would be able to code the more complicated parts of the competition. They didn't realize that I'd been coding for years (I absolutely haven't) and that I was probably better at it then either of them.

There was more, but snoozing destroyed my hopes of remembering all the bits of dreamy wandering.

21 February 2011

Blue Mountain Coffee

I was working as a live-in nanny for some family that I didn't really like. Boyfriend brought me a cup of the best coffee in the world while I was at work  and the family asked me to clock out because I was enjoying the coffee too much. I just stared at the mother and said something along the lines of "really? I can't even enjoy a fucking cup of coffee?". She looked as if she realized how shitty it was of her, and was trying desperately to avoid eye contact. I couldn't believe how ridiculous she was being, and quit.

I know, I know... I've been a terrible person and haven't really been updating, but i haven't been dreaming! Sorry kids!

16 February 2011

Canadian Realty and Class

I was walking down one of the roads flanking that small park in downtown Nola with two people that I knew, though not very well. We were talking about Canadian realty; I was incorrectly under the impression that to sell property in Canada, one had to take a three-hour class. They thought this was hilarious (much the same way I react to people asking things like "do you ride a horse to school?") and were telling me about the actual process to become a licensed realtor and I was worried that they were going to make me late for class.

I finally made it to class and perched in my chair, essentially standing up with my feet on the seat then crouching down and resting my chin on my knees. I was listening intently to the professor, but looking around the room at the people. I remember thinking briefly that the class was going to be a dull one, when my junior high band teacher walked in and started addressing the class; he was a co-professor of sorts. I was giving the person next to me a laundry list of reasons why he was a terrible teacher and our historic yelling match in class in jr high when i woke up to my alarm.

15 February 2011

Mission: Groceries

I'm sorry posts have been infrequent. I have been working hard and crashing, and either not remembering my dream or just not having one.

At any rate, I had a string of unpleasant dreams last night. Here's a bit:

I was in the grocery on some sort of mission that didn't involve buying groceries, though now I can't remember for the life of me what it was. The workers were trying to kill me, and I was relying entirely on Boyfriend to distract them so I could get out. I met up with him in the toys aisle and was planning on talking strategy on how to exit the store without them seeing me when he grabbed what I thought was a toy ninja star and started attacking me. Definitely wasn't a toy. I sprinted away from him and ran into my boss, Dacosta. He acted friendly and I thought I might be able to get him to help me leave the grocery. Moments later, he too turned on me and was trying to kill me. I was running through the store (which now that I think about it was a lot more like a WalMart than a grocery), slipping when i took too sharp of right turns, trying to avoid everyone as I now knew that the people trying to kill me had managed to buy out/convince everyone I thought I could trust (there were people other than Boyfriend and Dacosta, but that's fuzzy now).

12 February 2011

Nrrd Grrl I don't deserve you

I was in a warehouse with my friends and there was a couch that was on a platform about twelve feet in the air. My buddy's kid was sick and laying on the couch and we were rigging the grid, in the ceiling, so we could get things to him via pulleys and whatnot. I ended up on top of the couch and all the rigging was failing. The couch was going to fall and Caleb, the sick kid, was going to get hurt. Anne, one of my coworkers, and I immediately jumped into action with a plan that somehow involved folding the platform underneath the couch (which didn't make it fall?) so that we could get Caleb down to safety. Anne and I left the warehouse, which had become her house that was in the middle of the woods (in a group of houses that reminded me a lot of camp cabins). We were walking through the woods and she was telling me about how fantastic the neighborhood was. We went our separate ways (she had to be at work or something) and I pulled out my ipod and put on MC Chris' Nrrrd Grrrl to listen to while walking through the woods.

10 February 2011

Not yours!

I was staying in an extremely fancy hotel (my room was bigger than my house is now). I remember being extremely excited to lay down in my CaliKing bed and take a nap but when I got to my room my door was unlocked/open. I snuck around the room trying to figure out if someone was in there that was going to kill me or if my things were missing. My sister's clothes were on my bathroom floor but nothing else was different. I called her and she told me she'd used my bathroom to change because she was in a hurry and that she was sorry she'd left her things all over the ground and the door open. I was angry with her, though I'm not sure why. I couldn't figure out why she'd used my bathroom when hers was downstairs and if she'd been in a hurry, it would have been faster to use the downstairs bathroom anyway. At any rate, my sort-of-fight with my sister kept me from getting my nap and I had somewhere to go. Went outside and got in a limo. Chris, one of my coworkers, was sitting in my seat so i sat in his, wondering why nobody could handle using their own things/sitting in the right place.

09 February 2011

Skoda Yeti

I had just purchased a brand new Skoda Yeti for under £10,000. The company, because I'd decided on such an uncommon car, provided me with a four course meal of wines and cheeses in picnic form. For some reason, I was extremely excited about the meal coming with the car. I was showing off my new car to someone (I have no idea who it was) and waiting for the Skoda people to show up with my picnic.

I feel like I dreamed much more than this last night, but this is all I can remember.

07 February 2011

Nothing in particular, that I can remember.

I have the distinct impression that I had terrible dreams about spiders last night. I woke up at one point freaking out and trying to get out of bed. Normally when I freak out in my sleep, according to Boyfriend, I am having terribleterrible spider dreams. So. I'm glad I don't remember. I get all itchy after them. BUH.

06 February 2011

The Weakerthans- The Prescience of Dawn

This is a beautiful song with fantastic dream imagery. I love it dearly and as I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, I thought I'd share this with you.

The sirens woke me up again. I know they're coming for me someday, just a matter of when. Count to 25 and yawn; touch the clock and turn my back against the dawn and hope for that one dream of hardware stores with checkered floors and buckets full with nails. We're floating effortless over the apartment to the boat and rowing past the office windows. Mother, mother may i cry? Father will you teach me how to die the right way someday? I don't want a second chance to turn my stuttering reluctance into romance. With these documents and kindergarten anthems with my drunken liturgies... Tune the fm in, to static and pretend that its the sea, but four words fumble for the microphone: you should have known.

A little sad, but it makes me sort of happy.

04 February 2011

No time to remember things! Must study!

The weather/school has me stressed out (minus a very fun play in the snow around 3am this morning) and I haven't been remembering much of my dreams. I wake up and immediately start planning/thinking about homework or other things I need to do. Then later in the day at some point I'll think, "Wait, I did dream last night" but it's usually all gone by that point.

Sad days.

I was part of an extremely wealthy/famous family. Our house was huge and our property had a sizeable lake on it. There was a state road going through the middle, near the lake, that was a lot like Highway 1 in California that I was driving on to get to the airport/train station/bar in the closest town. I got there, went up to the counter, ordered a burger or something fairly uninteresting. People were staring at me as if i were a terrible person. It was obnoxious and unnerving so I left the guy a big tip and drove home.

At home there was a party going on for my mother's new pregnancy (though thinking about it, neither of the people that were my parents in the dream are my parents in real life). I didn't feel like dealing with her friends so I went up to my room (which had something like a theatre shop outside of it) and found the maid making fun of me with her friends/coworkers. They were mortified to see me walk in. I yelled at them to leave and cried myself to sleep on my bed.

When I woke up, I was absolutely determined not to let the day before make this day any worse. I was also fixed on building something (a shelf or a desk or something, I don't remember). I went over to the shop portion of the house and would have started working but there was a huge, fat spider (approximately the footprint of a deck of cards) sitting on the inside portion of the doorframe. I was too afraid to do anything, and also too paranoid to just leave it and hope it went away (what if it decided to make its way closer to my room and one day I woke up with that beast in bed with me?) My brother walked in and said "Cool spider. You're scared of them aren't you?" and slammed the door shut, squishing the spider for me.

I woke up to the text message that school was cancelled for the day because of Texas' inability to handle snow and ice. Neat.

03 February 2011

Killer Boss

My bosses were throwing a warehouse party and had asked me to help them get it going. I was trying to help them set up everything, when I suggested that that maybe, just maybe, the best party food wasn't Dennys. My boss JE flipped out and went on a huge tirade about how he's thrown a few more warehouse parties than me and he probably knows what he's doing. Just a little bit. My boss is not that kind of person, normally and I was shocked at his attitude.

I left and wandered around the warehouse district for a while. Somehow, I found out that the party was in serious danger and I raced back to tell everyone to leave. My boss was covered in blood and crying. Everyone that had come to the party was dead. I just stood in the doorway trying to figure out what to say to him, to comfort him somehow when he looked up and said something to the effect of "I just wanted this party to be perfect, and they ruined it". He killed everyone for not complying with his party standards.

I woke up shocked and freezing cold. I do not want to go to work today. How do you look at your boss after something like that? Hah.

02 February 2011

Power Outages

This morning when i woke up, I thought to myself that the dream I'd just finished would make a badass post. I got up and went to the bathroom and on my walk back to my bed, the power went out. No power=no heat. And it was 6am. The power was, for the next 6ish hours, on for 5-45minutes then off for 30-90minutes. I, therefore, didn't get the chance to post my dream. Now, I don't remember much of anything about it.

There was some sort of business meeting going on around a pool and we were expected to be IN the pool, except it was algae-green (like lakes get in the summer) and full of all kinds of nasty looking fish. We all used laptops/notepads/anything we could think of as an excuse to stay out of the pool. I remember thinking that the pool must be really deep, because every once in a while I would see, in the very top part of the pool, a HUGE fish feeding on the little ones. It was not a comfortable setting at all.

There was more, but after a full day of freezing and being angry followed with freezing on my way to work and working... its just not coming to me anymore. Sad day.

01 February 2011

Dreams in French

I was walking through a French country club (though in America) that I wasn't a member of, trying to be inconspicuous. I knew that I just needed to make it over to the less fancy side of the club and everything would work out just fine. There were middle-aged men standing around talking in French. One of them grabbed me and asked me, in French, to get him something or other. I let him know that I wasn't staff at the club, that I was a member just like him and that I would get him kicked out of the club if he didn't let go of me. He just stared at me like he couldn't believe that i knew French and as if he'd never been spoken to in any sort of defiant way before. As I was walking off, hoping that I wasn't drawing too much attention to myself, I heard him trash-talking me. For some reason, the only insult I remember is that he called me a hick.

I finally made it to the other side of the club where I met up with Boyfriend. We were on a serious mission, but first, needed some doughnuts. He was extremely troubled that they didn't have the kind he liked, or the ingredients to make them. I asked the waiter what sort of ingredients he did have, and after a terribly long list i offered up "Maple Cinnamon" as the flavor of doughnuts for us.

I was following the wait staff up the stairs, past the rude old man. Instead of a country club upstairs, it was a house. With cameras and television screens everywhere. I immediately decided to play dumb and just keep walking until someone asked me what I was doing up here. Finally it happened and I told them I was looking for the store because it was going to be Valentines day soon and I needed to buy Boyfriend a gift. They told me that if i continued on down the hallway I was already in, I'd find the store and there were some lovely things to buy there.

I was standing in line at the store with some glass flowers when I woke up because of a TERRIBLE cramp in my calf. Boo... this dream was neat. And all of it except for the parts with Boyfriend were in French. Double neat.

30 January 2011

House Hunting and Married Women

We were in Japan. Boyfriend was cheating on me with a married woman that had a kid. It didn't really bother me that he was cheating because I knew that he didn't like her all that much and recently had been looking for a way to break up with her. She was absolutely fucking insane and he was afraid that if he broke it off with her, she'd hunt me down and kill me. Which is why we were in Japan; we were looking for apartments. In one of the empty apartments, we started kissing and the asshole kid of the married woman saw us and ran off to his mother to tell her about seeing (my)Boyfriend kissing someone other than his crazy biotch mom. He told me to hide in the bathroom (that also had a door to outside the apartment?) while he dealt with her. She showed up and knew I was in the bathroom but, because I had locked all the doors, didn't have a way to get in. I could hear her and Boyfriend yelling at each other. The kid was trying to break down the bathroom door, and I was legitimately afraid of this mother-son pair. Boyfriend finally got them to leave, after fully breaking it off with the crazy lady. We decided to look at houses elsewhere, after lunch. We drove through the neighborhood (which, while in Japan, was exactly like neighborhoods in Houston) and decided on a strip club for lunch. In Japan, apparently, when you buy food at restaurants, instead of getting a receipt, you get a carnival-like ticket. In the strip club, you could show your tickets from certain other restaurants and get a free buffet. Which we did. A free awful, greasy looking pizza buffet. Boyfriend apologized profusely through our entire lunch about the married woman. I was angry, but mostly over it. I really just wanted him to stop talking about it. I woke up as strippers entered the room, after we'd finished eating.

29 January 2011

End of the World Flight

It was the end of the world. My step-dad, Raymond, had, years ago, signed me up to be a part of some life saving something or other (think the arks in the terrible movie 2012). Every adult that had been signed up for this needed to book themselves a flight to Queensland, South Africa (is that even a real place?) over some shady-ass website. Raymond was on the phone with me trying to talk me through getting the flight booked and it was obscenely complicated.

I don't remember if I got the flight or not. Boo.

28 January 2011

Another dream in which I just want to take a shower.

I was at a summer camp-like place and was trying desperately to sneak out of an event of some sort that the entire camp was being forced to attend. I really wanted to get across the camp to be able to shower in the good showers. I was running stealthily through a wooded place, avoiding guards and ducking behind buildings at unnecessary times. It was AWESOME. I finally made it to the building with all the showers, and after ducking one last guard, I ran inside. The floor was full of holes. Imagine a drop ceiling, except on the floor and three out of five of the tiles are missing and below is just an endless pit. I can see the fantastic showers on the other side of the room and begin inching my way, Indiana-Jones style, across the broken, disjointed floor. I make it to the showers but a guard comes in the building (though I'm not sure if he heard me or if it was just part of his rounds). He sees me and starts yelling and making his way across the room (much slower than I had been earlier). I wait until he is no longer in the doorway and dash across another part of the room so I can get behind him/out of the building before he has the ability to make it back to the door. I make it, just barely.

I run for the exit of the camp and just outside come across an old acquaintance. She is standing on the side of the road, sobbing. She tells me that everyone thinks she is too fat (she is a hefty girl, but I'm certainly not going to make this worse). I talk her down and tell her that everything is going to be okay, but I really have to leave because I'm being chased by the camp guards. She tells me to go into her friends apartment, just down the street, and that she will tell the guards that I went another way.

I make it into the apartment and it is a mess. There are pipes leaking from the ceiling, all the furniture is hidden beneath never-unpacked boxes. They seem to have expected me, because there is a note on the breakfast bar saying they'd cleaned the bathroom for me. I was fairly terrified with how the bathroom would look when the entryway and living room looked completely awful, but it turned out to be absolutely pristine. I got the shower I'd been trying to get earlier and fell asleep on a bed that wasn't mine.

27 January 2011

Cooking Prep

I just remember helping someone prep their kitchen so they could compete in a cooking show of some sort. He was frying butter and garlic and I was standing there waiting for potatoes to get out of the over.

There were more dreams last night. They're all on the tip of my tongue and I doubt I'll ever get them back. Is there a way that you guys know of to remember that sort of thing (other than just waiting)?

25 January 2011

Acting Exercises

I had a number of dreams last night, but one stuck out at me in particular.

I was part of some acting/role playing group and we'd split into two teams. We were playing a game that involved pretending to stab a team mate with a syringe full of a potion or medicine (or something) that would make the person turn into another character. There was also some competitive aspect in which the other teams tried to stop you/your partner from completing the exercise. When it was my turn, my syringe prop was placed in the middle of the other team. Emily, my co-worker, tried to block my path and knowing that I wasn't going to win I began to mime stabbing HER with the syringe. We were all laughing and she was fending for herself fairly well until she tried to take a step backwards and lost her balance. I jumped at the opportunity and got her with the syringe.

Except it was a real syringe. And it stuck in her foot. And when I tried to pull it out, the plastic part broke away from the needle. She pulled the needle out of her foot and we both looked to the director. He said he puts 5mg of whatever is around in the needles (one girl spoke up and said hers was perfume), and that he couldn't be sure what ours was specifically. Emily was getting dizzy and had a headache, so i helped her lay down and covered her with a blanket, doing everything I could to get her comfortable. I was furious with the director and I got up to yell at him.

I woke up extremely concerned/confused. It took me much longer than normal to sort reality from dream. Bizarre.

24 January 2011

Hatchlings and Hotel Lobbys

I was driving East on I-10 into Houston. I noticed, for the first time in years, the abandoned mall that is partially underneath beltway 8 (there is not such mall). I decided that I was going to go take some pictures or something and pulled off the highway and into the covered parking lot. There were people working there, extremely focused on getting their project done quickly. They had all manner of machinery and were rigging up some ratchet straps to a crane-ish. I jumped in and started helping them (as I am fairly competent with basic rigging); they all seemed grateful that I was helping, but extremely nervous that I was even there at all. Nobody would tell me what the work was for. I jumped down a half-level to have an easier place to work from and from my new position, I could see into the abandoned buildings and broken down parts of the parking garage.

There were baby dragons everywhere.
And not the cute, raise-them-to-love-you kind. They were fierce, and they were NOT happy about where I was standing or the construction that was going on over the home. I didn't know if the team of workers were going to try to kill them, or capture them and I had no intention of finding out.

I had to get back up to where I had been before, lest I find out that these dragons- on top of... oh I don't know... existing, and being terrifying- were also territorial beasts.

I had to do some crazy parkour through the broken-down, abandoned parts of the mall to get out of the part of the parking garage in which we had been working. It was intense. I made it back to my car, and drove as quickly as possible back to the hotel in which I was staying. When I got there, I realized that this very hotel had featured dragons always and that I'd never been able to see them, because I had never seen a dragon hatchling before. Having seen them, I could now see that the lobby, where I previously had seen empty space and a huge multi-story vaulted ceiling, was home to a HUGE dragon. It had a bird-like perch in the vaulted ceiling and was chilling there, docile and terrifying. Yet nobody seemed to notice.

I remember wondering if they'd seen the hatchlings yet, or if they'd just grown accustomed to a dragon in the lobby. I remember thinking that it was time to go exploring the city, to see where other dragons might be, now that I could actually see them.

23 January 2011

The Labyrinth

It is a little late in the day to post about a dream, but this was a pretty bizarre one, and I think most of it stuck with me throughout the day.

I had just transferred to a new job, in a new city. I knew that I needed to find "the library". The only thing my new boss had told me about the job was that I needed to find "the library" and that it wasn't an actual library with books and desks and whatnot. After asking around the city (with nobody knowing what the heck I was talking about), a hobo told me where I would be able to find my new place of employment.

"The library" was inside another building; I asked the security guard at the front doors where to find the place and looking extremely nervous he pointed me across the lobby to a large circular desk enclosed with glass windows. I walked up to the windows and knocked to get the attention of the girl at the desk. She told me to come back that night, that my shift wouldn't start until just before the sun went down.

When I returned, the girl let me into the enclosed circle of desks and started to explain the details of the job (which were basically accepting and filing documents) until the sun outside hit the horizon. When it did, the entire back half of the lobby turned into a labyrinth-like maze, all trees and plants and scaryness. The other workers, upon seeing the sun set, all laid down on the ground, under the desks, on makeshift beds/sleeping bags/etc. I asked the lady that had been instructing me what was going on and she looked at me, clearly puzzled, and said "its night-time. We'll finish the shift in the morning". Having expected to work all night, I wasn't tired. I sat in one of the office chairs, absent-mindedly leaning back and rolling around (as one is akin to do in office chairs when bored).

Something slammed into the glass from the labyrinth side. It was vaguely humanoid but looked rabid and angry. It was terrifying. (Imagine the reavers from Firefly/Serenity). I ducked under one of the desks, knowing that if it saw me, it would probably bust through the glass and kill/eat everyone I was supposed to be working with. The creature went back into the maze and I RAN out the other side of the front desk and out the building. The police were outside and were amazed that the creatures hadn't killed me. And that my boss hadn't warned me. This was a normal part of the town, and everyone just sort of got used to it after a while.

The entire building was a front for containing the labyrinth and the cannibals. They all seemed more shocked that I hadn't been informed than the fact that this building downtown was housing nightmarish creatures.


22 January 2011

Overnight coffee date

Sarah, Mel and I were going for coffee at a new place that opened up just the week before. We were standing in the parking lot and Mel decided she wanted to go home, but her car was broken (or she got a ride from sarah, or something...). So she took mine...literally, stole my car. So I asked Sarah if she'd give me a ride home after coffee and she obviously said that would be fine. We went into the little shop: it looked like it had been open for years. None of the radical cleanliness or organization that comes with new store openings. We had a minor confrontation with an angry woman that worked there. She was a mother, working two jobs, going to school... and did we not have any respect for that kind of work? We do. We just didn't start the conversation, she did; and if she was really that angry all the time, she probably shouldn't be in customer service. At any rate, she finally went on break and the owner of the little cafe  came out and took our orders. Sarah got her coffee immediately. Three other people got theirs before I decided to stop sitting by the counter waiting. Sarah and I went to one of the booths on the side of the place and watched television. We woke up and it was morning. I walked up to the counter to talk to the owner. He saw me and started apologizing profusely; he had forgotten to make my coffee. He made it extremely quickly (it involved chocolate ice cream, chai and espresso: probably pretty yummy) and gave it to me for free. We left extremely confused at how we had fallen asleep for the entire night in there. Heather was waiting in the parking lot with my car; she had gotten it back from Mel and made some "improvements" (including drinks cooler, new stereo with subs and new pink seat covers).

I was inspecting my car for damage from the theft when I woke up.

Kind of dull dream compared to the others I've been having recently.

21 January 2011

It will be done.

I was wading through a pool that was much closer to a decorative garden pool than a back yard swimming pool, though it held the function of both. There were small islands within the pool, all covered in greenery. The water was pleasant and clear all the way to the bottom. There were groups of people sitting on the tiny islands the way that people cluster in the cafeteria in high school. Over there the jocks, here the band kids, the socially-incapable/highly intelligent math wiz group... And they were all staring at me, without trying to be too obvious about it. I knew that what I had done was a little odd... and where my future was going to take me was truly bizarre but it didn't matter. None of those people mattered. A little way off, I found the group of people that I knew would take my place if anything bad happened to them. I tried to tell them, light-heartedly, that I had done this before and clearly I was fine... so all would be well for them, if it turned out I was completely wrong about myself. There would always be another person to take my place. My destiny was one that was written into the fibers of humanity, and if I failed, the human-whole would find another. I knew I didn't need to rush. I kept wading through the pool until I woke up.

I have no idea what most of this business is. This dream was extremely powerful/emotional, and sort of hard to explain as I'm not sure what "my destiny" was...

19 January 2011


Beautifulbeautiful Nyquil sleep.
Alas, all I can give you from last night is snippets.

-Drywalling with Paris Hilton
-An invisible puppy
-Walking around in a small french town
-Waking up in Houston next to Boyfriend (I am currently at school in Austin during the week)

One of these days I'll get a solid 982734 hours of sleep, and have some excellent dreams to share.

18 January 2011

Battle with the gods

I was covering myself in war paint. It glowed in the dark and there was something very ritualistic, very  natural about it. I was preparing myself to battle something godly and from the earth. It was trying to overtake a part of the city that had always belonged to my people (I am as Mutt as it gets, in reality) and I wasn't going to lose what was rightfully ours to some self-centered, over-confident god from before times. Everyone was afraid of it. I remember them begging me not to start this conflict, that it didn't matter... we could always find somewhere else to be.

I was a true, action-story hero last night.

And I woke up in the middle of the dream because my neighbours don't understand the concept of school nights. Or volume.

17 January 2011

Blanket Blue Fluff and Giant Predator Kitty.

My friends and I had discovered a new game on the ipad and spent most of a night playing. Even though we had more people than ipads, we traded off at fairly regular intervals and were having a pretty good time. We were also drinking heavily.

I woke up in the living room-ish... the floor was covered in blue fluffy cotton (like the inside of a non-down comforter) to about knee height. There was a hill (yes, in the living room) that was covered in cotton plants (a very over dramatic yellow, wheat-like plant... nothing like its real life family of plants). There was a giant predator-cat (leopard/lion/tiger that was rhino sized) lounging on the hill and I knew that if it woke up, it would most probably kill me. I tried to duck into the cottonfluff on the ground, but my movement alerted the giant killer-cat. I dove into the cottonfluff, hoping it wouldn't be able to see me/my movement as well and headed for the kitchen.

The kitchen was a WRECK. There were half empty glasses of all sorts everywhere (most of them were stemless wine glasses, very classy). I knew that in the kitchen, the predator cat wouldn't be able to take its true form. I jumped up on one of the counters and grabbed two of the glasses. I raised them over my head and waited for the cat to come into the kitchen. When it finally did, it was at first just a much smaller version of itself (think domestic cat). Its size, however, did not affect its desire to rip me to shreads. It kept trying to jump up on the counter, but there were plenty of glasses and I just continuously threw them at the cat, hoping it would die or give up or something.

It figured out my game and mid-jump turned into an exact copy of the cups I was throwing. It landed in a small group of the glasses and I couldn't tell the difference between them. I began throwing the glasses as hard as I could against the ground, shattering them and hopefully killing the predator cat. Finally, one of the glasses didn't break, it bounced. I knew this one had to be the predator cat. I took the glass outside and threw it over the balcony (which happened, thankfully, to be many tens of stories higher than my balcony actually is).

I beat you, demon-predator-kitty.There was more dream, but none of it was anywhere near as exciting as this. It was all malls and stores being closed and nothing working out the way it should for a victorious predator-cat killer.

16 January 2011

Aw. Boo.

Two days without an update... I'm a terrible person.

Rather, I'm not sleeping well and therefore am not dreaming much of anything.

14 January 2011

The game.

I didn't dream much of anything last night (as I slept hardly any), so I thought I'd share with you guys a fairly interesting (or at least I think it is) dream that I had in high school.

It started off with my friends and I lounging around in the new-ish apartment of one of our older friends. We were sitting in the tiny-ass living room on the hodge-podge furniture that every college student acquires over time, drinking and talking about some game that my friends were really excited to play. I had never played this particular game before, and was fairly uncertain as to what the game actually was. Or were it was. Or how to play. Or really anything. But my friends seemed really excited, and said that it would be a lot of fun... so I believed them.

One by one my friends started wandering into the kitchen and after four or five, I realized that it must be pretty cramped in there (it was TINY). I stayed in the living room as small/crowded spaces make me unhappy and it didn't sound like they were having any more fun than we were, so it didn't really matter either way. People kept wandering into the kitchen. Finally it was just me and some person I didn't know sitting in the living room and I asked, "do you have any idea what they're doing in there or how they all fit?". He gave me a sly look and said simply, "that's the game". He then went into the kitchen. I sat for a moment trying to reassure myself that if the game was really as fun as everyone was saying, then maybe I'd be able to get over the fact that there were tenish people in a kitchen that wasn't big enough for two to cook at the same time.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. It was completely empty, which was mildly startling. There were no signs of anyone, except for a virtual reality-type helmet sitting on the counter. With the resolve that only those in dreams feel, I put on the helmet.

And found myself in a grocery store. A fairly empty grocery store. What. The. Hell.

I wandered around for a bit, trying to find my friends and after row upon row finally came across my technical director from theatre in school. He was holding a giant axe. And he was blindfolded. Again: What. The. Hell. In trying to get a better view of what was going on, I walked into a more open space at the end of the aisles and an arrow landed solidly in the aisle I was closest to, a mere foot from my head. Upon hearing the noise of the arrow hit the shelf, my tech director launched himself at me, wielding the axe as only someone with a true proficiency could.

I turned and RAN. While running, I thought to myself, "this is only a game right?". My friend Lee was hiding among the fruits and veggies and I tucked into his hiding spot with him to get the low down. "What the fuck is going on?"

He explained to me that in the "game" we were playing everyone had one boon and one bane. So my tech director was extremely proficient with killing machine axes, but was blind. The person that shot the arrow at me was good with bow/arrows and had something else that kept them from winning... etc. He wouldn't tell me what his boon/bane were, and insisted that I had something going for me as well. I was pretty sure that I was just me, with nothing any different from normal. Bummer. He continued to say that the goal of the game was to be the last person alive.

I was fairly certain that dying in the game meant dying for real. And was terrified. I convinced myself that if I could just get out of the grocery store, I'd be fine. I'd find a way to end the game and get out. What the heck were my friends thinking, a game like this... without any warning at all.

In my wandering, cautiously now, through the grocery store, I came across my, at that time, boyfriend, lying on the ground legs with his legs bound an in a straight jacket. He looked at me and said "you have 30 seconds to get out of my range". I knew that he'd be able to kill anyone that was close enough to him, and that was why he was bound.

Again, I RAN. This time finding the front of the store. I launched myself outside, in case anyone was posted by the door trying to kill people leaving. The grocery store was in the middle of a field. No parking lot, no cars, no signs of civilization at all. It didn't matter, I kept running until I felt like I was a safe distance away and passed out under the only tree in the field.

I woke up, in my bed in an extremely bizarre mood. To this day, this dream was one of my most vivid detailed. I'm fairly certain I won't ever forget it. I still wonder what my boon and bane were.

13 January 2011


For some reason I found myself at my childhood friend Amie's house to hang out with her. I haven't seen her in years, let alone communicated with her. She had invited me over because her dog, Rio- a Rhodesian Ridgeback, died and she was extremely upset. While I was also pretty unhappy for the dog (loved that goof-dog), I was really paranoid to be at her house. I'm not even entirely sure why... It was all just extremely uncomfortable. We retreated to the upstairs game room and were reminiscing about Neopets (a goofy online game we used to play) and I got really upset that I couldn't remember my username/password combination.

Her dad brought home a new puppy, and everyone seemed to forget that the other dog was still in the bathroom and needed to be dealt with. The whole family seemed really happy about the puppy, almost discordantly so.

It was all extremely uncomfortable.

12 January 2011

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

So last night I had a work dream, sort of. Boo.

I wanted to go to the Alamo Drafthouse (movies/dinner/where I work) to see a movie. When I got there the line was wrapping around the shopping center. For those of you familiar with my drafthouse, the line was past the Kroger and everyone was EXTREMELY excited for whatever it was they were waiting for. I walked into the lobby to find out that we were having some sort of Valentines Day special. I was sort of hovering near the line, trying to find out what the event was/if I could get in for free when one of my old friends from elementary school pulled me into the line so that I could cut everyone. When it was our turn to buy tickets, I asked for three and the ticket girl told me it would be $3,157.57. Turns out, when the alamo started doing really well that day, Triple Tap decided to deregulate ticket prices and basically the ticket people had decided that every person's ticket should be approximately $1,000. After bitching at the ticket girl for a few minutes, I decided that I didn't really care if I got to see the event or not so I went inside. The inside of the alamo was CHAOS and it immediately stressed me out. So I tried to duck into one of the empty theatres (that had been canceled for the night). I was standing in the hallway when Scott Busey (one of my bosses from my other job) busted in to get away from the chaos. We stood and talked for a minute but he eventually had to get back to work because he was the closing manager for the night.

I woke up; I assume because Boyfriend was going to work. I fell back asleep though....

And the Valentines Day special event was over. My elementary school best friend and I were standing behind the Alamo drinking crappy beer and talking about all the food that Jason (head chef) must have made for the event. We decided to drink inside, because it was air conditioned and it wouldn't be as humid. We went inside and heard Jason yell from somewhere in the kitchen "closed for the night!" and for some reason, who knows, we didn't tell him who we were... we just acted like it had all been a mistake and we went back outside. Jason followed us and on realizing who we were, tried to warn us against our beer. Some shitty parents had been letting their kids play with it, and he knew that it'd been covered in frosting and then dropped all over the ground before the parents just wiped it up and put it back in the case. I went inside to throw the nasty beer away and saw that the kitchen was completely up and running, and they were cooking pizzas on the stove. I was furious with Jason for lying to us about the Alamo being closed and I rushed back outside only to be locked out of the building, by myself. It didn't really bother me because I figured the front of the building would still be unlocked, and even if it wasn't, I could probably just go chill in the biergarten  which has chairs and tables so I would be comfortable enough.

I started to walk around the building and woke up. Hm.

11 January 2011

Computer problems and blanket forts

It was the middle of the night and for whatever reason my computer was broken in a way that I didn't know how to fix. I decided to call some sort of tech hotline (like the GeekSquad only a different company) that was open 24 hours/day because I desperately needed to use my computer... I think I was working on a paper for school, or a project or something that would affect my grades. At any rate, I called this hotline and after pushing an absurd number of buttons to navigate their menu, a person finally answers the phone. I talk to him for a few minutes before I realize that it is ex-boyfriend Ryan. Shit. It is at this point that I contemplate failing the assignment and waiting until the next day to get my work done. Having worked at this particular computer repair place, I also know that only one person has the night shift, and so I can't get transferred to another person. I'm trying to keep calm and desperately hoping that he doesn't recognize my voice when, of course, he does. He is trying to have an actual conversation with me and I really just want my computer to be fixed so I can get off the phone and pretend it never happened. Ugh. I got so anxious in the dream that I woke up stressed out.

BUT... I went back to sleep and had an awesome dream about expanding the pillow/blankets fort that my friends Matt and Weston have in their spare bedroom into a HUGE thing that had pillow furniture and a doorbell. I don't know why you would need a doorbell on a pillow fort, especially one INSIDE a house, but this was a seriously fantastic.

10 January 2011

Something about something or other.

My dreams last night were a movie montage of randomness. So, here's a quick grocery list of the things I remember, followed by the last thing I dreamed, I think.

-blue grid of electricity
-the world having a parallel world, with everyone in a world on a team
-something about capture the flag, but with real weapons
-coworker Devo getting a camera to make movies
-driving on the wrong side of a highway in Louisiana

To top off last night's random theme, the end of my dream involved getting to a party that my friend Talley was hosting, in Louisiana, I think. I missed the party by several hours and everyone but my friend Heather was asleep already. She was, as par, cleaning up the mess of cups and whatnot which also involved going around and collecting bras and t-shirts so everyone could have clean clothes in the morning. I helped her do laundry, got back in my car and started the drive back to Houston (on the correct side of the road, thankfully). During the drive there was a map of the United States sort of superimposed on everything and like in a television show or a movie; I could see where I was along my drive on the map while I was driving.

The  End. Not very exciting, I guess, but for some reason I still felt the urge to share today.

09 January 2011


Our bedroom light has an electrical gremlin. Most of the time it will turn on right when you flip the switch, but turn off just a few seconds after. Sometimes when you flip the switch it doesn't come on for hours. Which is startling.

At any rate, last night I had a dream that I walked upstairs into our bedroom and the light was on. I remember saying something about how it was finally working.


08 January 2011

Shiner isn't that great, sorry.

I was trying to get back to Austin and for some reason I was taking a bus/cab service. The vehicle was like a shorter version of a VW van and it was personally owned by this girl Allie. I think I knew her in the dream, but I have no idea who she is now that I'm awake. Anyway, I was trying to get back to Austin and I was extremely frustrated with how long it was taking us to leave when all of a sudden she starts flipping out and saying she needed a Shiner. Seriously fucking insane flipping out; she had crazy eyes and kept blocking me from leaving. I thought she might kill me if she ever got me in the bus and we actually left the city. So I convinced her I was going inside the airport, which we were parked just outside of, to buy her a Shiner. She tried to keep my belongings in the van but I reasoned with her that I couldn't buy her a Shiner without my ID/wallet and that I should take my phone in case they were out of Shiner (so I could find out what her second choice was). I ditched the rest of my things and went into the airport with the intention of finding a plane to Austin.

Once inside the airport, I realized it was actually a terminal for boat services. Half of the building (the back half, which was on a river of some sort) was just docks that were full of senior citizens on their way to a cruise ship. One of the old ladies asked me if I knew the Whitecorn dance and when I said I didn't, she took my hands and tried to teach it to me. I was wearing some seriously awesome red leather boots, too. I picked up the dance relatively quickly (as not many old dances are that complicated) and decided to walk her to her ship and say goodbye. We reached her dock and started to walk towards the boat and i woke up.

07 January 2011

Belt-powered shower systems

I'd lost a grandmother that used to raise lots of orphans (like Granny Wendy from Hook) and my mother was trying to find someone to help her take care of everyone, and to help clean and everything. We had interview after interview but nobody actually seemed interested/qualified.

I knew that if we didn't find the perfect person soon, I wasn't going to be able to help my mom anymore because I was getting ready to go to summer-camp for two weeks.

A woman let herself into the house and was doing all sorts of things you don't do in a stranger's house... like cleaning, and wandering around without even saying hello to us. Turns out she was one of the orphans that my grandmother had raised and she had already arranged with my father to take the job. It took forever to find her in the house... and now that I think about it, it was actually my cousin's house in real life mixed with the house I always dream about (which I'm sure will be another post someday).

When I finally found her, she was dictating the rules to everyone. Very strict rules about when you can do things around the house. It seemed like every time you did something even remotely fun, you had a chore to accompany it. I did something (I cannot remember what) and she told me that I could have 4 grams of fiber. Also that I needed to take a shower before I went to camp.

To take a shower, I knew that I needed to cut a piece of the Christmas wrapping paper. I have no idea why. So, i cut the paper into a strip about two feed wide. I walk over to where the showers are now (she moved them to under the porch and I was very concerned about spiders) and see that they are all rigged to be manually powered using wooden gears: you attached your belt around two pegs and had to pull the tail of it to get the showers to work.

That was the final straw. I had been okay with all of them changes until she took my showers from me. I started yelling about her and all the awful things she'd done, waving the wrapping paper around in the air. I remember yelling "and I don't even know how to GET 4 grams of fiber!". My mom ran over and helped me to cut down my wrapping paper into the appropriate shape/size (which was like 3 inches wide with a little triangle flag on the top), trying to talk me down, tell me she knew what she was doing, and that everything would be okay.

I was so mad at her for ruining my ability to stand in a hot shower without having to do anything. I was so upset at this woman for disrupting a our perfectly functional systems of cleaning and having fun.

I literally woke up crying and had to sort out dream from reality.

06 January 2011

Giant Turtles and Boiling Sulfur

I found myself wandering through the family farm (which we actually have in the middle of Texas) looking at ancient skeletons of the giant turtles that were strewn across the fields. I was walking in some sort of dried riverbed between two of the easily ten foot tall skellies and found myself talking to bestie Chelsea. She was decked out in some serious hunting gear: not the camo nasty sort, but what you'd expect a crazy person living off the land successfully in the outback to be wearing. She was hunting the turtles and paid no attention to my claims that the turtles were extinct. "My sister and I have been hunting them for years" was all she would say to me. She was watching the horizon and listening to the ground and really, there was nothing to be done about it.

So I left.

When I got back to the house I went into the computer lab. The farm house doesn't even have one computer, let alone a high-school style computer lab. Either way, I went into the computer lab and needed to do some homework or something, but the flash drive that I normally used, from the back of my phone (again, who knows?) wouldn't work. My co-worker Joe told me I could use one of his if I could get it out of the bottom of a cardboard box on the other side of the room. "Well, that seems easy enough". I opened the box and dug through several layers of old papers and office supplies. In the bottom of the box was a mortar (the thing that has a pestle to accompany it) filled with boiling sulfur. I remember thinking to myself that it made sense because sulfur boils at room temperature (which it absolutely does not) and that I probably would never get to the flash drive for fear of burning my hand.

The rest of the dream is a bit of a haze; I'm pretty sure I continued to dream in tiny little bits as I snoozed my alarm this morning.

Something about my friend Tabi being friends with horses, and trees that made fire alarm noises when their flowers blossomed.

Demos Oneiroi

To begin, I guess I should tell you that this blog is about my dreams. I have extremely bizarre mental night-wanderings that are as left-field as it gets. I wake up with them fresh in my memory, in full detail and need to put them somewhere. This is where you come in. Welcome to what Boyfriend is subject to every morning.