06 January 2011

Giant Turtles and Boiling Sulfur

I found myself wandering through the family farm (which we actually have in the middle of Texas) looking at ancient skeletons of the giant turtles that were strewn across the fields. I was walking in some sort of dried riverbed between two of the easily ten foot tall skellies and found myself talking to bestie Chelsea. She was decked out in some serious hunting gear: not the camo nasty sort, but what you'd expect a crazy person living off the land successfully in the outback to be wearing. She was hunting the turtles and paid no attention to my claims that the turtles were extinct. "My sister and I have been hunting them for years" was all she would say to me. She was watching the horizon and listening to the ground and really, there was nothing to be done about it.

So I left.

When I got back to the house I went into the computer lab. The farm house doesn't even have one computer, let alone a high-school style computer lab. Either way, I went into the computer lab and needed to do some homework or something, but the flash drive that I normally used, from the back of my phone (again, who knows?) wouldn't work. My co-worker Joe told me I could use one of his if I could get it out of the bottom of a cardboard box on the other side of the room. "Well, that seems easy enough". I opened the box and dug through several layers of old papers and office supplies. In the bottom of the box was a mortar (the thing that has a pestle to accompany it) filled with boiling sulfur. I remember thinking to myself that it made sense because sulfur boils at room temperature (which it absolutely does not) and that I probably would never get to the flash drive for fear of burning my hand.

The rest of the dream is a bit of a haze; I'm pretty sure I continued to dream in tiny little bits as I snoozed my alarm this morning.

Something about my friend Tabi being friends with horses, and trees that made fire alarm noises when their flowers blossomed.

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