21 January 2011

It will be done.

I was wading through a pool that was much closer to a decorative garden pool than a back yard swimming pool, though it held the function of both. There were small islands within the pool, all covered in greenery. The water was pleasant and clear all the way to the bottom. There were groups of people sitting on the tiny islands the way that people cluster in the cafeteria in high school. Over there the jocks, here the band kids, the socially-incapable/highly intelligent math wiz group... And they were all staring at me, without trying to be too obvious about it. I knew that what I had done was a little odd... and where my future was going to take me was truly bizarre but it didn't matter. None of those people mattered. A little way off, I found the group of people that I knew would take my place if anything bad happened to them. I tried to tell them, light-heartedly, that I had done this before and clearly I was fine... so all would be well for them, if it turned out I was completely wrong about myself. There would always be another person to take my place. My destiny was one that was written into the fibers of humanity, and if I failed, the human-whole would find another. I knew I didn't need to rush. I kept wading through the pool until I woke up.

I have no idea what most of this business is. This dream was extremely powerful/emotional, and sort of hard to explain as I'm not sure what "my destiny" was...

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