15 February 2011

Mission: Groceries

I'm sorry posts have been infrequent. I have been working hard and crashing, and either not remembering my dream or just not having one.

At any rate, I had a string of unpleasant dreams last night. Here's a bit:

I was in the grocery on some sort of mission that didn't involve buying groceries, though now I can't remember for the life of me what it was. The workers were trying to kill me, and I was relying entirely on Boyfriend to distract them so I could get out. I met up with him in the toys aisle and was planning on talking strategy on how to exit the store without them seeing me when he grabbed what I thought was a toy ninja star and started attacking me. Definitely wasn't a toy. I sprinted away from him and ran into my boss, Dacosta. He acted friendly and I thought I might be able to get him to help me leave the grocery. Moments later, he too turned on me and was trying to kill me. I was running through the store (which now that I think about it was a lot more like a WalMart than a grocery), slipping when i took too sharp of right turns, trying to avoid everyone as I now knew that the people trying to kill me had managed to buy out/convince everyone I thought I could trust (there were people other than Boyfriend and Dacosta, but that's fuzzy now).


  1. I had a dream like that once. Nothing worse than the people you trust turning against you. Always wondered what dreams like this meant...

  2. Every few months I dream something like this. I really hope they don.t mean much other than I'm stressed...