21 March 2011

Internal Battles

There was some sort of evil force that had caused my parents to go completely berserk. I knew that I needed to kill them. I took the shots. Where ever the bullets had lodged, they were unconscious but not dead, thankfully. I was standing in front of my house (that overlooked a parking lot with various fast food restaurants around the outside) with a little girl, Peeta (who was exactly like Rue in the Hunger Games Series). She began speaking though it was obvious the words were not hers. She said that Peeta would be killed before sunrise if I didn't offer myself up to be killed. I knew that I needed to save her, but I had no idea how I would.

She led me to a canyon, and stood barefoot with her toes hanging over the edge. She sang a song that was simple, sad and hopeful and I was heartbroken that I couldn't find a way to save her. She collapsed on the ground, as the sun was coming up, landing with one arm hanging into the canyon. I stood there for countless minutes with silent tears streaming down my face. She stood up and said something goofy like "that was uncomfortable". She touched my forehead and i knew that she'd been locked in some sort of internal combat for what had seemed like years to her, but she'd beaten the evil force. We were walking back to my house as the sun started to peek over buildings.

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  1. i love the concept for this blog. those are always the most interesting stories :)

    and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. always makes my day :)

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