02 February 2011

Power Outages

This morning when i woke up, I thought to myself that the dream I'd just finished would make a badass post. I got up and went to the bathroom and on my walk back to my bed, the power went out. No power=no heat. And it was 6am. The power was, for the next 6ish hours, on for 5-45minutes then off for 30-90minutes. I, therefore, didn't get the chance to post my dream. Now, I don't remember much of anything about it.

There was some sort of business meeting going on around a pool and we were expected to be IN the pool, except it was algae-green (like lakes get in the summer) and full of all kinds of nasty looking fish. We all used laptops/notepads/anything we could think of as an excuse to stay out of the pool. I remember thinking that the pool must be really deep, because every once in a while I would see, in the very top part of the pool, a HUGE fish feeding on the little ones. It was not a comfortable setting at all.

There was more, but after a full day of freezing and being angry followed with freezing on my way to work and working... its just not coming to me anymore. Sad day.

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