03 February 2011

Killer Boss

My bosses were throwing a warehouse party and had asked me to help them get it going. I was trying to help them set up everything, when I suggested that that maybe, just maybe, the best party food wasn't Dennys. My boss JE flipped out and went on a huge tirade about how he's thrown a few more warehouse parties than me and he probably knows what he's doing. Just a little bit. My boss is not that kind of person, normally and I was shocked at his attitude.

I left and wandered around the warehouse district for a while. Somehow, I found out that the party was in serious danger and I raced back to tell everyone to leave. My boss was covered in blood and crying. Everyone that had come to the party was dead. I just stood in the doorway trying to figure out what to say to him, to comfort him somehow when he looked up and said something to the effect of "I just wanted this party to be perfect, and they ruined it". He killed everyone for not complying with his party standards.

I woke up shocked and freezing cold. I do not want to go to work today. How do you look at your boss after something like that? Hah.

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