17 January 2011

Blanket Blue Fluff and Giant Predator Kitty.

My friends and I had discovered a new game on the ipad and spent most of a night playing. Even though we had more people than ipads, we traded off at fairly regular intervals and were having a pretty good time. We were also drinking heavily.

I woke up in the living room-ish... the floor was covered in blue fluffy cotton (like the inside of a non-down comforter) to about knee height. There was a hill (yes, in the living room) that was covered in cotton plants (a very over dramatic yellow, wheat-like plant... nothing like its real life family of plants). There was a giant predator-cat (leopard/lion/tiger that was rhino sized) lounging on the hill and I knew that if it woke up, it would most probably kill me. I tried to duck into the cottonfluff on the ground, but my movement alerted the giant killer-cat. I dove into the cottonfluff, hoping it wouldn't be able to see me/my movement as well and headed for the kitchen.

The kitchen was a WRECK. There were half empty glasses of all sorts everywhere (most of them were stemless wine glasses, very classy). I knew that in the kitchen, the predator cat wouldn't be able to take its true form. I jumped up on one of the counters and grabbed two of the glasses. I raised them over my head and waited for the cat to come into the kitchen. When it finally did, it was at first just a much smaller version of itself (think domestic cat). Its size, however, did not affect its desire to rip me to shreads. It kept trying to jump up on the counter, but there were plenty of glasses and I just continuously threw them at the cat, hoping it would die or give up or something.

It figured out my game and mid-jump turned into an exact copy of the cups I was throwing. It landed in a small group of the glasses and I couldn't tell the difference between them. I began throwing the glasses as hard as I could against the ground, shattering them and hopefully killing the predator cat. Finally, one of the glasses didn't break, it bounced. I knew this one had to be the predator cat. I took the glass outside and threw it over the balcony (which happened, thankfully, to be many tens of stories higher than my balcony actually is).

I beat you, demon-predator-kitty.There was more dream, but none of it was anywhere near as exciting as this. It was all malls and stores being closed and nothing working out the way it should for a victorious predator-cat killer.

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