11 January 2011

Computer problems and blanket forts

It was the middle of the night and for whatever reason my computer was broken in a way that I didn't know how to fix. I decided to call some sort of tech hotline (like the GeekSquad only a different company) that was open 24 hours/day because I desperately needed to use my computer... I think I was working on a paper for school, or a project or something that would affect my grades. At any rate, I called this hotline and after pushing an absurd number of buttons to navigate their menu, a person finally answers the phone. I talk to him for a few minutes before I realize that it is ex-boyfriend Ryan. Shit. It is at this point that I contemplate failing the assignment and waiting until the next day to get my work done. Having worked at this particular computer repair place, I also know that only one person has the night shift, and so I can't get transferred to another person. I'm trying to keep calm and desperately hoping that he doesn't recognize my voice when, of course, he does. He is trying to have an actual conversation with me and I really just want my computer to be fixed so I can get off the phone and pretend it never happened. Ugh. I got so anxious in the dream that I woke up stressed out.

BUT... I went back to sleep and had an awesome dream about expanding the pillow/blankets fort that my friends Matt and Weston have in their spare bedroom into a HUGE thing that had pillow furniture and a doorbell. I don't know why you would need a doorbell on a pillow fort, especially one INSIDE a house, but this was a seriously fantastic.

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