28 February 2011

My apartment has temporal issues.

I fell asleep reading the second book of The Hunger Games Series and I'm not entirely sure where the book left off and my dream began (and I suppose I won't be sure until I pick up the book later today to read).

I also had some sort of dream that involved some temporal issues and a peppermint bark (delicious delicious chocolate goodnesss) store. I was there with a friend that was younger than me. She was telling the shop owner about how she was a surgeon, despite her age. The shop owner looked to me for confirmation and I said something like "oh yes. I've assisted her on many surgeries, though she's been a surgeon much longer than I've been her assistant". I don't know why. The shop keeper bought it and we both left the mall (that this peppermint bark store was in) to head home.

I was walking up the three flights of stairs to my apartment, trying not to knock over the bikes that people had decided to lock up perpendicular to the line of travel up the stairs when I noticed a really strong weed smell (while this is Austin, it is uncommon that people smoke outdoors where other people might see/smell them) and knew that my roommates were smoking despite my almost constant arguments with them about it. I got inside and the temporal issues that were happening in the store were also happening in my apartment. Walls were shifting, and sometimes conversations would go in reverse, only to continue again exactly as they were before, forwards. At one point, we were all arguing and fell into the sea, where there was only a rocky outcropping for us to hold onto while we waited to be back in the apartment. For some reason, this was not in any way shocking and when we got back to the apartment, I stormed out and slammed the door behind me.

I went out to the communal porch area and asked one of the guys smoking weed if I could have a hit. He told me that I could have as much as I wanted and handed me a huge joint... like fascist dictator cigar sized joint and told me to leave whatever I didn't finish in the ash tray as he'd come out later to get it. I started to take one hit and my alarms started going off.

25 February 2011


The phenomenal Geek Princess (http://geekprincessblog.blogspot.com/) has graced me with an award! She is serious win and you should read her blog!

There are rules and things, apparently... so here goes!

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1. I am obsessively fascinated with dreams.
2. However, I am not particularly interested in what they mean, or how they relate to the stars or anything of that nature (though I will admit to the brain creating symbolism?)
3. I regularly wake up and freak out about where I am, because my dreams are so vivid.
4. I am currently studying technical theatre at the University of Texas
5. I like to create. I often find myself building/painting/arranging things simply for aesthetic value.
6. I am a fairly talented welder.
7. I eat Ramen noodles even when my bank account actually has money in it, though I don't particularly enjoy them.

Annnndd. 7 versatile bloggers. Check them out. Nao!
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Go and love them, for real.

24 February 2011

Don't read too much before bed...

If you haven't read The Hunger Games Series, I definitely recommend them.

I dreamed I was in a tournament just like in the first book of the series. It was kill or be killed and the government was watching. Actually, the entire world was watching it as a television series, though unlike in the books, the people watching didn't know it was real... they just thought it was another show. I never ran into the other contestants, thankfully, because I was terrified. I had my ipad and was trying desperately to get into contact with Boyfriend and parents... anyone really. I didn't know where I was, but I couldn't help but think I was in Nebraska.

I thought, "I'm going to die here" and woke up. While snoozing I kept having snippets of dreams that were press releases, I think, about my disappearance, and the actions of the other contestants. My theatrical rigging professor, Rusty, was one of the reporters and I was pretty sure that he was on my side (and perhaps because he knew me, he realized it wasn't just a television show?)

Either way, weird one.

23 February 2011

That hammer is terrifying

I had made it through the first few rounds of a cooking/serving competition. I was feeling great about my chances for winning when the next round of patrons was announced. I would be serving Thor and his hundreds of workers/family members. I spent all the time between finding out I would be cooking for/waiting on Thor and arriving at the competition that night trying to convince myself that it was okay, "he is only a god", and other such nonsense. I was meeting Thor. Not only that, but I had to impress him to win this competition that I'd been working so very hard to win.

When the time came for the competition, he and his servants were all busy working on whatever it is the people the work for Thor do (some seemed to be designing cars, others hunting with him, and still others were just mining/landscaping). There were hundreds of them. I decided to begin with Thor and his hunting buddies and with my back to the forest that they were all staring into, I introduced myself and tried to get a feel for what he might enjoy.

After talking for a few minutes, I relaxed: Thor was a pretty cool guy and I was fairly certain I could make it out of this alive (and possibly even win!). I turned and glanced at the forest while I was heading back to the kitchen; they were hunting Impundulu, lightning birds in the South African mythos that are man sized and can summon lightning/thunder. I was overtaken with how powerful these people were and how easily they could kill me.... how little I mean to these people.

The first few courses went fine, and I slowly got used to being in charge of hoards of people in a kitchen while cooking for a god. It came time for coffee and Thor recommended I serve the people in the mines first, as they were working extremely hard. When I went to serve them (in their super fancy glasses of obsidian, sitting on obsidian plates) I realized the plates would make the coffee glasses much more likely to tip over into the void and began trying to decide if I should just skip the plates for everyone, or just for the miners. I didn't want points taken off because I was being cautious and my serving wasn't uniform. I didn't want to skip the plates for everyone because they really tied everything together.

I approached Thor at his desk and began babbling my problem towards him, while trying to sound like a reasonable person that didn't need to be destroyed with lightning. He laughed at my predicament, a laughter that shook everything around and made me worry for the people down in the mines. It wasn't a demeaning laugh or anything like that though, and I knew that everything was going to be okay. I was going to skip the plates for the miners (for the safety of the food) and serve everyone else with the plates.

Turns out, Thor loved the coffee so much that I won the competition.
My prize? A trip to the Yggdrasil. Victory.

22 February 2011

Coding Competition and Medieval Five Guys

I was working on some sort of project with my friends, though I wasn't on the team, I was just helping them out. They needed a way to get code (as in computer programming) to them without having technology too close because of the rules of the competition or whatever was going on. I helped them create a series of mirrors that allowed for them to see the code that I could input from farther away and they'd be able to communicate via walkie-talkie if I made some sort of mistake.

We were feeling mighty victorious and decided to go to Five Guys to get dinner. It was a medieval-themed Five Guys, which didn't seem weird to me at all in the dream. Dorian, Anne, and I were standing in line talking about the mirror system and how I would be able to code the more complicated parts of the competition. They didn't realize that I'd been coding for years (I absolutely haven't) and that I was probably better at it then either of them.

There was more, but snoozing destroyed my hopes of remembering all the bits of dreamy wandering.

21 February 2011

Blue Mountain Coffee

I was working as a live-in nanny for some family that I didn't really like. Boyfriend brought me a cup of the best coffee in the world while I was at work  and the family asked me to clock out because I was enjoying the coffee too much. I just stared at the mother and said something along the lines of "really? I can't even enjoy a fucking cup of coffee?". She looked as if she realized how shitty it was of her, and was trying desperately to avoid eye contact. I couldn't believe how ridiculous she was being, and quit.

I know, I know... I've been a terrible person and haven't really been updating, but i haven't been dreaming! Sorry kids!

16 February 2011

Canadian Realty and Class

I was walking down one of the roads flanking that small park in downtown Nola with two people that I knew, though not very well. We were talking about Canadian realty; I was incorrectly under the impression that to sell property in Canada, one had to take a three-hour class. They thought this was hilarious (much the same way I react to people asking things like "do you ride a horse to school?") and were telling me about the actual process to become a licensed realtor and I was worried that they were going to make me late for class.

I finally made it to class and perched in my chair, essentially standing up with my feet on the seat then crouching down and resting my chin on my knees. I was listening intently to the professor, but looking around the room at the people. I remember thinking briefly that the class was going to be a dull one, when my junior high band teacher walked in and started addressing the class; he was a co-professor of sorts. I was giving the person next to me a laundry list of reasons why he was a terrible teacher and our historic yelling match in class in jr high when i woke up to my alarm.

15 February 2011

Mission: Groceries

I'm sorry posts have been infrequent. I have been working hard and crashing, and either not remembering my dream or just not having one.

At any rate, I had a string of unpleasant dreams last night. Here's a bit:

I was in the grocery on some sort of mission that didn't involve buying groceries, though now I can't remember for the life of me what it was. The workers were trying to kill me, and I was relying entirely on Boyfriend to distract them so I could get out. I met up with him in the toys aisle and was planning on talking strategy on how to exit the store without them seeing me when he grabbed what I thought was a toy ninja star and started attacking me. Definitely wasn't a toy. I sprinted away from him and ran into my boss, Dacosta. He acted friendly and I thought I might be able to get him to help me leave the grocery. Moments later, he too turned on me and was trying to kill me. I was running through the store (which now that I think about it was a lot more like a WalMart than a grocery), slipping when i took too sharp of right turns, trying to avoid everyone as I now knew that the people trying to kill me had managed to buy out/convince everyone I thought I could trust (there were people other than Boyfriend and Dacosta, but that's fuzzy now).

12 February 2011

Nrrd Grrl I don't deserve you

I was in a warehouse with my friends and there was a couch that was on a platform about twelve feet in the air. My buddy's kid was sick and laying on the couch and we were rigging the grid, in the ceiling, so we could get things to him via pulleys and whatnot. I ended up on top of the couch and all the rigging was failing. The couch was going to fall and Caleb, the sick kid, was going to get hurt. Anne, one of my coworkers, and I immediately jumped into action with a plan that somehow involved folding the platform underneath the couch (which didn't make it fall?) so that we could get Caleb down to safety. Anne and I left the warehouse, which had become her house that was in the middle of the woods (in a group of houses that reminded me a lot of camp cabins). We were walking through the woods and she was telling me about how fantastic the neighborhood was. We went our separate ways (she had to be at work or something) and I pulled out my ipod and put on MC Chris' Nrrrd Grrrl to listen to while walking through the woods.

10 February 2011

Not yours!

I was staying in an extremely fancy hotel (my room was bigger than my house is now). I remember being extremely excited to lay down in my CaliKing bed and take a nap but when I got to my room my door was unlocked/open. I snuck around the room trying to figure out if someone was in there that was going to kill me or if my things were missing. My sister's clothes were on my bathroom floor but nothing else was different. I called her and she told me she'd used my bathroom to change because she was in a hurry and that she was sorry she'd left her things all over the ground and the door open. I was angry with her, though I'm not sure why. I couldn't figure out why she'd used my bathroom when hers was downstairs and if she'd been in a hurry, it would have been faster to use the downstairs bathroom anyway. At any rate, my sort-of-fight with my sister kept me from getting my nap and I had somewhere to go. Went outside and got in a limo. Chris, one of my coworkers, was sitting in my seat so i sat in his, wondering why nobody could handle using their own things/sitting in the right place.

09 February 2011

Skoda Yeti

I had just purchased a brand new Skoda Yeti for under £10,000. The company, because I'd decided on such an uncommon car, provided me with a four course meal of wines and cheeses in picnic form. For some reason, I was extremely excited about the meal coming with the car. I was showing off my new car to someone (I have no idea who it was) and waiting for the Skoda people to show up with my picnic.

I feel like I dreamed much more than this last night, but this is all I can remember.

07 February 2011

Nothing in particular, that I can remember.

I have the distinct impression that I had terrible dreams about spiders last night. I woke up at one point freaking out and trying to get out of bed. Normally when I freak out in my sleep, according to Boyfriend, I am having terribleterrible spider dreams. So. I'm glad I don't remember. I get all itchy after them. BUH.

06 February 2011

The Weakerthans- The Prescience of Dawn

This is a beautiful song with fantastic dream imagery. I love it dearly and as I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, I thought I'd share this with you.

The sirens woke me up again. I know they're coming for me someday, just a matter of when. Count to 25 and yawn; touch the clock and turn my back against the dawn and hope for that one dream of hardware stores with checkered floors and buckets full with nails. We're floating effortless over the apartment to the boat and rowing past the office windows. Mother, mother may i cry? Father will you teach me how to die the right way someday? I don't want a second chance to turn my stuttering reluctance into romance. With these documents and kindergarten anthems with my drunken liturgies... Tune the fm in, to static and pretend that its the sea, but four words fumble for the microphone: you should have known.

A little sad, but it makes me sort of happy.

04 February 2011

No time to remember things! Must study!

The weather/school has me stressed out (minus a very fun play in the snow around 3am this morning) and I haven't been remembering much of my dreams. I wake up and immediately start planning/thinking about homework or other things I need to do. Then later in the day at some point I'll think, "Wait, I did dream last night" but it's usually all gone by that point.

Sad days.

I was part of an extremely wealthy/famous family. Our house was huge and our property had a sizeable lake on it. There was a state road going through the middle, near the lake, that was a lot like Highway 1 in California that I was driving on to get to the airport/train station/bar in the closest town. I got there, went up to the counter, ordered a burger or something fairly uninteresting. People were staring at me as if i were a terrible person. It was obnoxious and unnerving so I left the guy a big tip and drove home.

At home there was a party going on for my mother's new pregnancy (though thinking about it, neither of the people that were my parents in the dream are my parents in real life). I didn't feel like dealing with her friends so I went up to my room (which had something like a theatre shop outside of it) and found the maid making fun of me with her friends/coworkers. They were mortified to see me walk in. I yelled at them to leave and cried myself to sleep on my bed.

When I woke up, I was absolutely determined not to let the day before make this day any worse. I was also fixed on building something (a shelf or a desk or something, I don't remember). I went over to the shop portion of the house and would have started working but there was a huge, fat spider (approximately the footprint of a deck of cards) sitting on the inside portion of the doorframe. I was too afraid to do anything, and also too paranoid to just leave it and hope it went away (what if it decided to make its way closer to my room and one day I woke up with that beast in bed with me?) My brother walked in and said "Cool spider. You're scared of them aren't you?" and slammed the door shut, squishing the spider for me.

I woke up to the text message that school was cancelled for the day because of Texas' inability to handle snow and ice. Neat.

03 February 2011

Killer Boss

My bosses were throwing a warehouse party and had asked me to help them get it going. I was trying to help them set up everything, when I suggested that that maybe, just maybe, the best party food wasn't Dennys. My boss JE flipped out and went on a huge tirade about how he's thrown a few more warehouse parties than me and he probably knows what he's doing. Just a little bit. My boss is not that kind of person, normally and I was shocked at his attitude.

I left and wandered around the warehouse district for a while. Somehow, I found out that the party was in serious danger and I raced back to tell everyone to leave. My boss was covered in blood and crying. Everyone that had come to the party was dead. I just stood in the doorway trying to figure out what to say to him, to comfort him somehow when he looked up and said something to the effect of "I just wanted this party to be perfect, and they ruined it". He killed everyone for not complying with his party standards.

I woke up shocked and freezing cold. I do not want to go to work today. How do you look at your boss after something like that? Hah.

02 February 2011

Power Outages

This morning when i woke up, I thought to myself that the dream I'd just finished would make a badass post. I got up and went to the bathroom and on my walk back to my bed, the power went out. No power=no heat. And it was 6am. The power was, for the next 6ish hours, on for 5-45minutes then off for 30-90minutes. I, therefore, didn't get the chance to post my dream. Now, I don't remember much of anything about it.

There was some sort of business meeting going on around a pool and we were expected to be IN the pool, except it was algae-green (like lakes get in the summer) and full of all kinds of nasty looking fish. We all used laptops/notepads/anything we could think of as an excuse to stay out of the pool. I remember thinking that the pool must be really deep, because every once in a while I would see, in the very top part of the pool, a HUGE fish feeding on the little ones. It was not a comfortable setting at all.

There was more, but after a full day of freezing and being angry followed with freezing on my way to work and working... its just not coming to me anymore. Sad day.

01 February 2011

Dreams in French

I was walking through a French country club (though in America) that I wasn't a member of, trying to be inconspicuous. I knew that I just needed to make it over to the less fancy side of the club and everything would work out just fine. There were middle-aged men standing around talking in French. One of them grabbed me and asked me, in French, to get him something or other. I let him know that I wasn't staff at the club, that I was a member just like him and that I would get him kicked out of the club if he didn't let go of me. He just stared at me like he couldn't believe that i knew French and as if he'd never been spoken to in any sort of defiant way before. As I was walking off, hoping that I wasn't drawing too much attention to myself, I heard him trash-talking me. For some reason, the only insult I remember is that he called me a hick.

I finally made it to the other side of the club where I met up with Boyfriend. We were on a serious mission, but first, needed some doughnuts. He was extremely troubled that they didn't have the kind he liked, or the ingredients to make them. I asked the waiter what sort of ingredients he did have, and after a terribly long list i offered up "Maple Cinnamon" as the flavor of doughnuts for us.

I was following the wait staff up the stairs, past the rude old man. Instead of a country club upstairs, it was a house. With cameras and television screens everywhere. I immediately decided to play dumb and just keep walking until someone asked me what I was doing up here. Finally it happened and I told them I was looking for the store because it was going to be Valentines day soon and I needed to buy Boyfriend a gift. They told me that if i continued on down the hallway I was already in, I'd find the store and there were some lovely things to buy there.

I was standing in line at the store with some glass flowers when I woke up because of a TERRIBLE cramp in my calf. Boo... this dream was neat. And all of it except for the parts with Boyfriend were in French. Double neat.