23 May 2011

Vampire Smugglers

I was a vampire and I was trying to sneak my human friend somewhere or other. When passing through groups of humans, he would pretend that we were lovers. Act sweet, hold my hand, the like... while I was slightly repulsed, I knew it was for the best. When we passed through a place I knew to be full of vampires, we acted as though he was my pet, my slave. I snapped at him and gave him commands like you would give a dog. Heel. I felt bad treating him so poorly, but we desperately needed him to make it... to wherever. That I can't remember at all. Hah.

19 May 2011

Jumpy dreams

There was some sort of dream about going to a summer-campish thing, like I used to when I was younger. My friends were all there with me, and for some reason the cabins were mixed-gender, and you only had to stay with your friends. Ours ended up being the size of a large apartment, after we found a secret door. I still wanted to stay in the main cabin room, because I felt that was a more authentic summer camp experience than having my own room/bathroom.

Then all of a sudden, I'm in a bank with some friends of mine and we're all watching out the doors at some sort of fire that is going on. It was my friend Tabi's birthday (along with the Garland twins) and we were trying to make plans for getting wine-drunk after her kids went to sleep. I can't remember why this was such a difficult thing except that I also had to go to work in the new restaurant that had just opened up. It was comic-book themed, and in the middle of West Campus. I was owning the faces off the other servers, but I didn't feel like waiting tables. I was going to get drink refills for a table that wasn't mine when I woke up.

16 May 2011

Fancy-pants coffee

It was my first day working at a Starbucks. My good friend Tabi was my boss. She was swamped with work (though the store wasn't busy, so I have no idea what that was about). A customer asked me for a Cheante coffee (a very fancy sort of brewed coffee, in the dream) and when I went to go pour it for her, I realized we were out of all brewed coffee except espresso. And Tabi hadn't taught me how to make espresso yet. People were freaking out that I was a terrible barista but Tabi didn't have time to teach me how to get any better at it. Extremely frustrating.

I'm pretty sure this went into some sort of escape-from-warehouse dream that can only be caused by playing too much Portal 2 and watching too much Syfy channel. Oops.

10 May 2011

It comes home with me

My professor Rusty was angry with the class that we hadn't checked in on him after he'd been out for a few days. For some reason we all lived in the same house, and he was giving his angry speech in the kitchen.

I am so ready to be done with school. Gods.