08 July 2011

Platform rooms without walls.

If you were to take an Escher drawing of a house and give it to an architect/interior design team with a boner for modern minimalism, you have the setting for my dream last night. I went to a commune where a lot of my friends lived and spent a grand deal of time trying to get to people's bedrooms only to find (usually) that I'd gone up the wrong flight of stairs, or that my shit depth perception was playing tricks on me.

It wasn't a particularly frustrating dream. There was an actual plot, but the part that I remember was the giant house/building that everyone (including myself at the end) lived in. Fancy.

05 July 2011

Weird Night

Weird creepy night. I kept having dreams of people standing in our bedroom. Or me trying desperately to get downstairs to tell Boyfriend that something was wrong... but I couldn't speak, or (in another) I couldn't see.

He was feeling it too, apparently. At one point he yelled "What the hell", which woke me up and when I rolled over he was staring at me, wide-eyed and clearly frightened. I asked him what was wrong and reached out to touch his shoulder and he literally jumped out of bed and dashed behind the foot-board ducking. He kept nervously glancing at me, and where both of our night stands sit on either side of the bed. I tried to talk him down. "Its me, its okay. There's nothing here". He looked at me for a moment and the scared went off his face so I asked, "you coming back to bed?" When we had finally curled up together again I asked him what was bothering him and he said "I don't know. I thought someone had touched me". Which is weird, uncomfortable, and hopefully didn't happen. Ha. Bizarre