25 February 2011


The phenomenal Geek Princess (http://geekprincessblog.blogspot.com/) has graced me with an award! She is serious win and you should read her blog!

There are rules and things, apparently... so here goes!

Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 things about yourself
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1. I am obsessively fascinated with dreams.
2. However, I am not particularly interested in what they mean, or how they relate to the stars or anything of that nature (though I will admit to the brain creating symbolism?)
3. I regularly wake up and freak out about where I am, because my dreams are so vivid.
4. I am currently studying technical theatre at the University of Texas
5. I like to create. I often find myself building/painting/arranging things simply for aesthetic value.
6. I am a fairly talented welder.
7. I eat Ramen noodles even when my bank account actually has money in it, though I don't particularly enjoy them.

Annnndd. 7 versatile bloggers. Check them out. Nao!
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Go and love them, for real.


  1. Welding? That is awesomely random! :) Where did you learn how to weld?

  2. I am a tech theatre major, specifically set design/scenic painting. We do quite a bit of welding, and I'd say I'm fairly good at it.

  3. Thank you much for the blog love! I'll accept this tomorrow when I'm more coherent. Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that wakes up from a vivid dream, flopping around in my own bed, wondering where the hell I am and why I'm not back in Narnia...

  4. Thanks, dude!

    I used to love Ramen noodles. Then I watched "Hannibal", specifically the final scene with Ray Liota, while eating a bowl. Haven't been near 'em since.

  5. Thanks for the blog love! Really interesting post- I enjoyed learning more about you... tech theatre and welding? super awesome!

  6. I am with you on the Ramen noodles, but they make me a little bit sick..ahem.
    Also thought I share this dream with you. I was jogging at a beach in Cuba, I could feel the sand and smell the ocean. Turns out I wasn't jogging but running away from a group of socks chanting "potatoes!" over and over again....

  7. Christy--thank you!

    And I wonder about your eating of the Ramen, but not for financial or taste reasons. It's quite curious. We must know more.