10 February 2011

Not yours!

I was staying in an extremely fancy hotel (my room was bigger than my house is now). I remember being extremely excited to lay down in my CaliKing bed and take a nap but when I got to my room my door was unlocked/open. I snuck around the room trying to figure out if someone was in there that was going to kill me or if my things were missing. My sister's clothes were on my bathroom floor but nothing else was different. I called her and she told me she'd used my bathroom to change because she was in a hurry and that she was sorry she'd left her things all over the ground and the door open. I was angry with her, though I'm not sure why. I couldn't figure out why she'd used my bathroom when hers was downstairs and if she'd been in a hurry, it would have been faster to use the downstairs bathroom anyway. At any rate, my sort-of-fight with my sister kept me from getting my nap and I had somewhere to go. Went outside and got in a limo. Chris, one of my coworkers, was sitting in my seat so i sat in his, wondering why nobody could handle using their own things/sitting in the right place.


  1. Maybe you have nicer things?


  2. I think it is mostly an OCD issue. Hehe.