08 January 2011

Shiner isn't that great, sorry.

I was trying to get back to Austin and for some reason I was taking a bus/cab service. The vehicle was like a shorter version of a VW van and it was personally owned by this girl Allie. I think I knew her in the dream, but I have no idea who she is now that I'm awake. Anyway, I was trying to get back to Austin and I was extremely frustrated with how long it was taking us to leave when all of a sudden she starts flipping out and saying she needed a Shiner. Seriously fucking insane flipping out; she had crazy eyes and kept blocking me from leaving. I thought she might kill me if she ever got me in the bus and we actually left the city. So I convinced her I was going inside the airport, which we were parked just outside of, to buy her a Shiner. She tried to keep my belongings in the van but I reasoned with her that I couldn't buy her a Shiner without my ID/wallet and that I should take my phone in case they were out of Shiner (so I could find out what her second choice was). I ditched the rest of my things and went into the airport with the intention of finding a plane to Austin.

Once inside the airport, I realized it was actually a terminal for boat services. Half of the building (the back half, which was on a river of some sort) was just docks that were full of senior citizens on their way to a cruise ship. One of the old ladies asked me if I knew the Whitecorn dance and when I said I didn't, she took my hands and tried to teach it to me. I was wearing some seriously awesome red leather boots, too. I picked up the dance relatively quickly (as not many old dances are that complicated) and decided to walk her to her ship and say goodbye. We reached her dock and started to walk towards the boat and i woke up.

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