01 February 2011

Dreams in French

I was walking through a French country club (though in America) that I wasn't a member of, trying to be inconspicuous. I knew that I just needed to make it over to the less fancy side of the club and everything would work out just fine. There were middle-aged men standing around talking in French. One of them grabbed me and asked me, in French, to get him something or other. I let him know that I wasn't staff at the club, that I was a member just like him and that I would get him kicked out of the club if he didn't let go of me. He just stared at me like he couldn't believe that i knew French and as if he'd never been spoken to in any sort of defiant way before. As I was walking off, hoping that I wasn't drawing too much attention to myself, I heard him trash-talking me. For some reason, the only insult I remember is that he called me a hick.

I finally made it to the other side of the club where I met up with Boyfriend. We were on a serious mission, but first, needed some doughnuts. He was extremely troubled that they didn't have the kind he liked, or the ingredients to make them. I asked the waiter what sort of ingredients he did have, and after a terribly long list i offered up "Maple Cinnamon" as the flavor of doughnuts for us.

I was following the wait staff up the stairs, past the rude old man. Instead of a country club upstairs, it was a house. With cameras and television screens everywhere. I immediately decided to play dumb and just keep walking until someone asked me what I was doing up here. Finally it happened and I told them I was looking for the store because it was going to be Valentines day soon and I needed to buy Boyfriend a gift. They told me that if i continued on down the hallway I was already in, I'd find the store and there were some lovely things to buy there.

I was standing in line at the store with some glass flowers when I woke up because of a TERRIBLE cramp in my calf. Boo... this dream was neat. And all of it except for the parts with Boyfriend were in French. Double neat.

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