20 March 2011


Cirque du soleil was putting on a show in our theatre and they needed overhire labor. There was some sort of odd audition process that pretty much everyone I know was attending. It seemed odd that so many non-theatre people were trying to get this temporary job. The person that was leading this audition/interview process was giving some shitty speech about how excellent it is to work for cirque, how you have to give 110%, how not many of us would make it to the next round, etc when she flipped a switch by leaning against the wall. It turned on a blacklight, revealing all the highlighter coloring we'd been doing at a party the night before on each other's arms and faces. At first she was shocked that we'd partied the night before, then she couldn't stop laughing and told anyone that wasn't in our group that they could just leave.

The next part of it all involved a long distance run with interviews along the way, to see if you could stay focused on your task at hand (running) while being bothered/distracted. My longtime friend Heather was set to interview me and so we ended up just running together, and catching up. She told me I was going to get the job as a permanent thing, she'd seen their notes from the first round. For some reason, this did not excite me. I didn't want to have to stay in Austin forever, or travel with Cirque. I just wanted to get home, and no matter how fast or how long I ran, I couldn't get out of the city.

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