25 January 2011

Acting Exercises

I had a number of dreams last night, but one stuck out at me in particular.

I was part of some acting/role playing group and we'd split into two teams. We were playing a game that involved pretending to stab a team mate with a syringe full of a potion or medicine (or something) that would make the person turn into another character. There was also some competitive aspect in which the other teams tried to stop you/your partner from completing the exercise. When it was my turn, my syringe prop was placed in the middle of the other team. Emily, my co-worker, tried to block my path and knowing that I wasn't going to win I began to mime stabbing HER with the syringe. We were all laughing and she was fending for herself fairly well until she tried to take a step backwards and lost her balance. I jumped at the opportunity and got her with the syringe.

Except it was a real syringe. And it stuck in her foot. And when I tried to pull it out, the plastic part broke away from the needle. She pulled the needle out of her foot and we both looked to the director. He said he puts 5mg of whatever is around in the needles (one girl spoke up and said hers was perfume), and that he couldn't be sure what ours was specifically. Emily was getting dizzy and had a headache, so i helped her lay down and covered her with a blanket, doing everything I could to get her comfortable. I was furious with the director and I got up to yell at him.

I woke up extremely concerned/confused. It took me much longer than normal to sort reality from dream. Bizarre.

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