12 January 2011

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

So last night I had a work dream, sort of. Boo.

I wanted to go to the Alamo Drafthouse (movies/dinner/where I work) to see a movie. When I got there the line was wrapping around the shopping center. For those of you familiar with my drafthouse, the line was past the Kroger and everyone was EXTREMELY excited for whatever it was they were waiting for. I walked into the lobby to find out that we were having some sort of Valentines Day special. I was sort of hovering near the line, trying to find out what the event was/if I could get in for free when one of my old friends from elementary school pulled me into the line so that I could cut everyone. When it was our turn to buy tickets, I asked for three and the ticket girl told me it would be $3,157.57. Turns out, when the alamo started doing really well that day, Triple Tap decided to deregulate ticket prices and basically the ticket people had decided that every person's ticket should be approximately $1,000. After bitching at the ticket girl for a few minutes, I decided that I didn't really care if I got to see the event or not so I went inside. The inside of the alamo was CHAOS and it immediately stressed me out. So I tried to duck into one of the empty theatres (that had been canceled for the night). I was standing in the hallway when Scott Busey (one of my bosses from my other job) busted in to get away from the chaos. We stood and talked for a minute but he eventually had to get back to work because he was the closing manager for the night.

I woke up; I assume because Boyfriend was going to work. I fell back asleep though....

And the Valentines Day special event was over. My elementary school best friend and I were standing behind the Alamo drinking crappy beer and talking about all the food that Jason (head chef) must have made for the event. We decided to drink inside, because it was air conditioned and it wouldn't be as humid. We went inside and heard Jason yell from somewhere in the kitchen "closed for the night!" and for some reason, who knows, we didn't tell him who we were... we just acted like it had all been a mistake and we went back outside. Jason followed us and on realizing who we were, tried to warn us against our beer. Some shitty parents had been letting their kids play with it, and he knew that it'd been covered in frosting and then dropped all over the ground before the parents just wiped it up and put it back in the case. I went inside to throw the nasty beer away and saw that the kitchen was completely up and running, and they were cooking pizzas on the stove. I was furious with Jason for lying to us about the Alamo being closed and I rushed back outside only to be locked out of the building, by myself. It didn't really bother me because I figured the front of the building would still be unlocked, and even if it wasn't, I could probably just go chill in the biergarten  which has chairs and tables so I would be comfortable enough.

I started to walk around the building and woke up. Hm.

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