23 January 2011

The Labyrinth

It is a little late in the day to post about a dream, but this was a pretty bizarre one, and I think most of it stuck with me throughout the day.

I had just transferred to a new job, in a new city. I knew that I needed to find "the library". The only thing my new boss had told me about the job was that I needed to find "the library" and that it wasn't an actual library with books and desks and whatnot. After asking around the city (with nobody knowing what the heck I was talking about), a hobo told me where I would be able to find my new place of employment.

"The library" was inside another building; I asked the security guard at the front doors where to find the place and looking extremely nervous he pointed me across the lobby to a large circular desk enclosed with glass windows. I walked up to the windows and knocked to get the attention of the girl at the desk. She told me to come back that night, that my shift wouldn't start until just before the sun went down.

When I returned, the girl let me into the enclosed circle of desks and started to explain the details of the job (which were basically accepting and filing documents) until the sun outside hit the horizon. When it did, the entire back half of the lobby turned into a labyrinth-like maze, all trees and plants and scaryness. The other workers, upon seeing the sun set, all laid down on the ground, under the desks, on makeshift beds/sleeping bags/etc. I asked the lady that had been instructing me what was going on and she looked at me, clearly puzzled, and said "its night-time. We'll finish the shift in the morning". Having expected to work all night, I wasn't tired. I sat in one of the office chairs, absent-mindedly leaning back and rolling around (as one is akin to do in office chairs when bored).

Something slammed into the glass from the labyrinth side. It was vaguely humanoid but looked rabid and angry. It was terrifying. (Imagine the reavers from Firefly/Serenity). I ducked under one of the desks, knowing that if it saw me, it would probably bust through the glass and kill/eat everyone I was supposed to be working with. The creature went back into the maze and I RAN out the other side of the front desk and out the building. The police were outside and were amazed that the creatures hadn't killed me. And that my boss hadn't warned me. This was a normal part of the town, and everyone just sort of got used to it after a while.

The entire building was a front for containing the labyrinth and the cannibals. They all seemed more shocked that I hadn't been informed than the fact that this building downtown was housing nightmarish creatures.


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