16 May 2011

Fancy-pants coffee

It was my first day working at a Starbucks. My good friend Tabi was my boss. She was swamped with work (though the store wasn't busy, so I have no idea what that was about). A customer asked me for a Cheante coffee (a very fancy sort of brewed coffee, in the dream) and when I went to go pour it for her, I realized we were out of all brewed coffee except espresso. And Tabi hadn't taught me how to make espresso yet. People were freaking out that I was a terrible barista but Tabi didn't have time to teach me how to get any better at it. Extremely frustrating.

I'm pretty sure this went into some sort of escape-from-warehouse dream that can only be caused by playing too much Portal 2 and watching too much Syfy channel. Oops.

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