29 June 2011

Boo Standard Work Week

Not only because I don't have one yet, but because Boyfriend does.

And last night's dreams were a swirl of fleshy naughty deliciousness. And he won't be back until 5.30.

28 June 2011

And then I returned.

I hate to have been away for so long. I think I'm just now getting accustomed to the "I'm not in college anymore" shock. Postings will resume as soon as my dreams stop being lame.

Last night I had a dream that I had a bunch of my coworkers from my job in Austin over to my new house in Houston but all of a sudden I was extremely ill. I decided to lay down in the bedroom for a little bit but everyone left. I was running an extreme fever (probably in part because we had no AC last night in the house) and nobody believed me that I was ill. Annoying.