22 January 2011

Overnight coffee date

Sarah, Mel and I were going for coffee at a new place that opened up just the week before. We were standing in the parking lot and Mel decided she wanted to go home, but her car was broken (or she got a ride from sarah, or something...). So she took mine...literally, stole my car. So I asked Sarah if she'd give me a ride home after coffee and she obviously said that would be fine. We went into the little shop: it looked like it had been open for years. None of the radical cleanliness or organization that comes with new store openings. We had a minor confrontation with an angry woman that worked there. She was a mother, working two jobs, going to school... and did we not have any respect for that kind of work? We do. We just didn't start the conversation, she did; and if she was really that angry all the time, she probably shouldn't be in customer service. At any rate, she finally went on break and the owner of the little cafe  came out and took our orders. Sarah got her coffee immediately. Three other people got theirs before I decided to stop sitting by the counter waiting. Sarah and I went to one of the booths on the side of the place and watched television. We woke up and it was morning. I walked up to the counter to talk to the owner. He saw me and started apologizing profusely; he had forgotten to make my coffee. He made it extremely quickly (it involved chocolate ice cream, chai and espresso: probably pretty yummy) and gave it to me for free. We left extremely confused at how we had fallen asleep for the entire night in there. Heather was waiting in the parking lot with my car; she had gotten it back from Mel and made some "improvements" (including drinks cooler, new stereo with subs and new pink seat covers).

I was inspecting my car for damage from the theft when I woke up.

Kind of dull dream compared to the others I've been having recently.

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