10 November 2011

Been a while

Though I'm sure the 7 of you can forgive me. Trying to get my life in order tends to throw extras out the window.

Anyway. I've been having dreams about moving to other countries. Every night. Always a different place or reason to leave. A lot of the dreams are terrifying because I'm leaving the country to run away from someone trying to hurt me. Some of them are pleasant because I move and when I get to my final destination, I find out that my whole family has been living there all along and they'd just been waiting for me to get there.

I think I might need to think about moving... but I'm beyond happy where I am. My location is perfect and this part of town is absolutely fabulous.

Moving or not, I will try to keep you kids entertained more frequently now that I am settling back into my life. <3


  1. Hope you are doing better, sounds like some scary odd dreams :(

    Maybe this will entertain you, I dreamed I was Tom Hanks and waddling through a swamp with a donkey, who could talk...but he eventually drowned. I, Tom Hanks; however, stayed afloat thanks to my giant head!