12 February 2011

Nrrd Grrl I don't deserve you

I was in a warehouse with my friends and there was a couch that was on a platform about twelve feet in the air. My buddy's kid was sick and laying on the couch and we were rigging the grid, in the ceiling, so we could get things to him via pulleys and whatnot. I ended up on top of the couch and all the rigging was failing. The couch was going to fall and Caleb, the sick kid, was going to get hurt. Anne, one of my coworkers, and I immediately jumped into action with a plan that somehow involved folding the platform underneath the couch (which didn't make it fall?) so that we could get Caleb down to safety. Anne and I left the warehouse, which had become her house that was in the middle of the woods (in a group of houses that reminded me a lot of camp cabins). We were walking through the woods and she was telling me about how fantastic the neighborhood was. We went our separate ways (she had to be at work or something) and I pulled out my ipod and put on MC Chris' Nrrrd Grrrl to listen to while walking through the woods.

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