28 February 2011

My apartment has temporal issues.

I fell asleep reading the second book of The Hunger Games Series and I'm not entirely sure where the book left off and my dream began (and I suppose I won't be sure until I pick up the book later today to read).

I also had some sort of dream that involved some temporal issues and a peppermint bark (delicious delicious chocolate goodnesss) store. I was there with a friend that was younger than me. She was telling the shop owner about how she was a surgeon, despite her age. The shop owner looked to me for confirmation and I said something like "oh yes. I've assisted her on many surgeries, though she's been a surgeon much longer than I've been her assistant". I don't know why. The shop keeper bought it and we both left the mall (that this peppermint bark store was in) to head home.

I was walking up the three flights of stairs to my apartment, trying not to knock over the bikes that people had decided to lock up perpendicular to the line of travel up the stairs when I noticed a really strong weed smell (while this is Austin, it is uncommon that people smoke outdoors where other people might see/smell them) and knew that my roommates were smoking despite my almost constant arguments with them about it. I got inside and the temporal issues that were happening in the store were also happening in my apartment. Walls were shifting, and sometimes conversations would go in reverse, only to continue again exactly as they were before, forwards. At one point, we were all arguing and fell into the sea, where there was only a rocky outcropping for us to hold onto while we waited to be back in the apartment. For some reason, this was not in any way shocking and when we got back to the apartment, I stormed out and slammed the door behind me.

I went out to the communal porch area and asked one of the guys smoking weed if I could have a hit. He told me that I could have as much as I wanted and handed me a huge joint... like fascist dictator cigar sized joint and told me to leave whatever I didn't finish in the ash tray as he'd come out later to get it. I started to take one hit and my alarms started going off.


  1. I always wonder what dreams like this mean. However, instead of finding some hidden meaning, I just get hungry for the peppermint bark, go buy some, and then eat enough to make myself feel disgusting.

  2. That sucks. You never even got to experience the sensation after taking the hit. Damn dream. :-P


  3. Haha. It happens. Also, since I posted this, I've been seriously craving some peppermint bark.