14 April 2011

Money Orbs

My roommate and I were working together to steal millions of dollars from casinos. The money came in these tiny glowing orbs (about the size of a golf ball) and each had between 2 and 65 million dollars in it. There was no way to tell which ones had more money than the others. They were untraceable and the money couldn't be tracked (what casino wants its money to be tracked anyway?) and we were literally in the habit of filching them off of counters and out of people's bags. Sort of neat. Except at one point he was upset with me (it hadn't been enough money, or I wouldn't give him all of it or something). He was chasing me through the casino complex. I thought to lose him by sending an elevator up and taking the stairs down, and other such movie-esque tricks but he always knew where I was going. He ended up finding me, but for some reason I had the upper hand. I gave him some money, not anywhere near all of it though, and that seemed to end it. At the very end of the dream, we were looking up $2.8m houses that were in other parts of the world because neither of us wanted to live in America anymore.


  1. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't live in America either!

  2. I doubt I would. I sort of hope to move before I'm THAT wealthy. At least out of texas. Then its like moving to an entirely different country anyway, right?