10 January 2011

Something about something or other.

My dreams last night were a movie montage of randomness. So, here's a quick grocery list of the things I remember, followed by the last thing I dreamed, I think.

-blue grid of electricity
-the world having a parallel world, with everyone in a world on a team
-something about capture the flag, but with real weapons
-coworker Devo getting a camera to make movies
-driving on the wrong side of a highway in Louisiana

To top off last night's random theme, the end of my dream involved getting to a party that my friend Talley was hosting, in Louisiana, I think. I missed the party by several hours and everyone but my friend Heather was asleep already. She was, as par, cleaning up the mess of cups and whatnot which also involved going around and collecting bras and t-shirts so everyone could have clean clothes in the morning. I helped her do laundry, got back in my car and started the drive back to Houston (on the correct side of the road, thankfully). During the drive there was a map of the United States sort of superimposed on everything and like in a television show or a movie; I could see where I was along my drive on the map while I was driving.

The  End. Not very exciting, I guess, but for some reason I still felt the urge to share today.

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  1. Interesting blog! I'll be subscribing just to see what crazy dreams you'll post!!

    Nice to *meet* you-
    Thanks for the love today on my blog- I listed a new Valentine on Etsy tonight too.