28 January 2011

Another dream in which I just want to take a shower.

I was at a summer camp-like place and was trying desperately to sneak out of an event of some sort that the entire camp was being forced to attend. I really wanted to get across the camp to be able to shower in the good showers. I was running stealthily through a wooded place, avoiding guards and ducking behind buildings at unnecessary times. It was AWESOME. I finally made it to the building with all the showers, and after ducking one last guard, I ran inside. The floor was full of holes. Imagine a drop ceiling, except on the floor and three out of five of the tiles are missing and below is just an endless pit. I can see the fantastic showers on the other side of the room and begin inching my way, Indiana-Jones style, across the broken, disjointed floor. I make it to the showers but a guard comes in the building (though I'm not sure if he heard me or if it was just part of his rounds). He sees me and starts yelling and making his way across the room (much slower than I had been earlier). I wait until he is no longer in the doorway and dash across another part of the room so I can get behind him/out of the building before he has the ability to make it back to the door. I make it, just barely.

I run for the exit of the camp and just outside come across an old acquaintance. She is standing on the side of the road, sobbing. She tells me that everyone thinks she is too fat (she is a hefty girl, but I'm certainly not going to make this worse). I talk her down and tell her that everything is going to be okay, but I really have to leave because I'm being chased by the camp guards. She tells me to go into her friends apartment, just down the street, and that she will tell the guards that I went another way.

I make it into the apartment and it is a mess. There are pipes leaking from the ceiling, all the furniture is hidden beneath never-unpacked boxes. They seem to have expected me, because there is a note on the breakfast bar saying they'd cleaned the bathroom for me. I was fairly terrified with how the bathroom would look when the entryway and living room looked completely awful, but it turned out to be absolutely pristine. I got the shower I'd been trying to get earlier and fell asleep on a bed that wasn't mine.

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