04 February 2011

No time to remember things! Must study!

The weather/school has me stressed out (minus a very fun play in the snow around 3am this morning) and I haven't been remembering much of my dreams. I wake up and immediately start planning/thinking about homework or other things I need to do. Then later in the day at some point I'll think, "Wait, I did dream last night" but it's usually all gone by that point.

Sad days.

I was part of an extremely wealthy/famous family. Our house was huge and our property had a sizeable lake on it. There was a state road going through the middle, near the lake, that was a lot like Highway 1 in California that I was driving on to get to the airport/train station/bar in the closest town. I got there, went up to the counter, ordered a burger or something fairly uninteresting. People were staring at me as if i were a terrible person. It was obnoxious and unnerving so I left the guy a big tip and drove home.

At home there was a party going on for my mother's new pregnancy (though thinking about it, neither of the people that were my parents in the dream are my parents in real life). I didn't feel like dealing with her friends so I went up to my room (which had something like a theatre shop outside of it) and found the maid making fun of me with her friends/coworkers. They were mortified to see me walk in. I yelled at them to leave and cried myself to sleep on my bed.

When I woke up, I was absolutely determined not to let the day before make this day any worse. I was also fixed on building something (a shelf or a desk or something, I don't remember). I went over to the shop portion of the house and would have started working but there was a huge, fat spider (approximately the footprint of a deck of cards) sitting on the inside portion of the doorframe. I was too afraid to do anything, and also too paranoid to just leave it and hope it went away (what if it decided to make its way closer to my room and one day I woke up with that beast in bed with me?) My brother walked in and said "Cool spider. You're scared of them aren't you?" and slammed the door shut, squishing the spider for me.

I woke up to the text message that school was cancelled for the day because of Texas' inability to handle snow and ice. Neat.

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