30 January 2011

House Hunting and Married Women

We were in Japan. Boyfriend was cheating on me with a married woman that had a kid. It didn't really bother me that he was cheating because I knew that he didn't like her all that much and recently had been looking for a way to break up with her. She was absolutely fucking insane and he was afraid that if he broke it off with her, she'd hunt me down and kill me. Which is why we were in Japan; we were looking for apartments. In one of the empty apartments, we started kissing and the asshole kid of the married woman saw us and ran off to his mother to tell her about seeing (my)Boyfriend kissing someone other than his crazy biotch mom. He told me to hide in the bathroom (that also had a door to outside the apartment?) while he dealt with her. She showed up and knew I was in the bathroom but, because I had locked all the doors, didn't have a way to get in. I could hear her and Boyfriend yelling at each other. The kid was trying to break down the bathroom door, and I was legitimately afraid of this mother-son pair. Boyfriend finally got them to leave, after fully breaking it off with the crazy lady. We decided to look at houses elsewhere, after lunch. We drove through the neighborhood (which, while in Japan, was exactly like neighborhoods in Houston) and decided on a strip club for lunch. In Japan, apparently, when you buy food at restaurants, instead of getting a receipt, you get a carnival-like ticket. In the strip club, you could show your tickets from certain other restaurants and get a free buffet. Which we did. A free awful, greasy looking pizza buffet. Boyfriend apologized profusely through our entire lunch about the married woman. I was angry, but mostly over it. I really just wanted him to stop talking about it. I woke up as strippers entered the room, after we'd finished eating.

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