22 February 2011

Coding Competition and Medieval Five Guys

I was working on some sort of project with my friends, though I wasn't on the team, I was just helping them out. They needed a way to get code (as in computer programming) to them without having technology too close because of the rules of the competition or whatever was going on. I helped them create a series of mirrors that allowed for them to see the code that I could input from farther away and they'd be able to communicate via walkie-talkie if I made some sort of mistake.

We were feeling mighty victorious and decided to go to Five Guys to get dinner. It was a medieval-themed Five Guys, which didn't seem weird to me at all in the dream. Dorian, Anne, and I were standing in line talking about the mirror system and how I would be able to code the more complicated parts of the competition. They didn't realize that I'd been coding for years (I absolutely haven't) and that I was probably better at it then either of them.

There was more, but snoozing destroyed my hopes of remembering all the bits of dreamy wandering.


  1. i think i'd like to see a medieval five guys!

  2. It was in the middle of an empty food court too. Sad.